Pumpkins, craft shows, and 3 ways to give thanks…


Does Fall make you as happy as it does me?

Do you love pumpkins like I do?

Wanna win a free pumpkin?

I'm giving this pumpkin (above) away free to a random person who comes and visits me at my booth at the Greatwood Gifts Galore this Saturday, 9am-3pm.


Come and see me!! I'll be at booth 26!! :) 


Don't live close? But you really want to win one of these pumpkins?

Tell you what…

Sign up for my newsletter, and I'll draw a name from my newsletter subscribers on Sunday, October 31st for another giveaway!!



My favorite part of Fall is the thanksgiving part…

yup, I'm a pretty thankful person!! 

So I wanna give you three ideas on how to be thankful this holiday season!


Someone from the Homeschooling Email Loop that I participate in sent this link to this fabulous BLOG:

A Holy Experience: Make a Gratitude Jar

{picture by Ann Voskamp, A Holy Experience}

What a beautiful, beautiful gift idea!! 


Do you ever just sit and look at your pictures and take some time to remember? 

Now we review our pictures on our computer, or through the viewer on our camera…or we actually get them printed out! And we put them in boxes, all organized.

Some of us get crazy and scrapbook them…some of us put them in albums to gaze on.

But all of us, I'm sure, sit there and remember…and we are thankful!!

Grab a picture today and write down what you are thankful for in that picture!

here's mine…

I am thankful that my family is AUTHENTIC!!



Does the holiday season freak you out? 

Did you start counting down to Christmas back in July so you could get ahead?

Do you want to not just survive through the holidays, but enjoy them to the fullest???

I know I've mentioned this before, but I think it's worth mentioning again!!

This year, I'm starting a new tradition for myself. My kids have their own advent  calendar, so I decided to personalize this for my own! I plan on starting December 1st and writing each day what I'm thankful for on a slip of paper. I'll put each strip in each pocket. I can't wait!! 


I haven't decided if I should leave the little nativity guys in the pockets, too!!!


Anyway, I have 20 available orders for these calendars! But I'm only taking these orders through November 20th!! And if you act quickly, before November 5th, you will get FREE SHIPPING!! 🙂 Yipeee!!


I'm excited about making these…I'm also excited about using mine as a gratitude calendar.


There's nothing better than a life of gratitude!

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