it’s monday!! let’s create!!


Soooooooo It's Monday and you know I love Monday!!

 I love a fresh start…everyone loves a fresh start. You'll hear me say that a lot here.

Our weekend was full and wonderful. I went window shopping with my mom, although I ended up buying some things. And I'm completely excited about what I picked up! I'll have pics soon of my new screen doors that will eventually be my backdrop for my craft show displays!! I also will shoot a pic of my new antique quilt that I picked up! 🙂 How fun is shopping?????


How about some new products to sell to pay for my fun shopping??

Remember this fabric that I got for my friend's custom ordered camera strap cover?

well, I finished the strap cover! with a little pocket!! sooo cute!! i love it, and she does, too!!




Do you want one of these, too???? let me know!! 🙂



Did you know that Christmas is only 94 days away????

Do you need a little pick me up for yourself to decorate for Christmas?

My darling friend, Krista, ordered some of these advent calendars for her kids!! I can't wait to finish them and send them on to her!! Do you need some, too?? Do you have particular fabric you'd like? This is my personal advent calendar-it's missing the embellishment buttons, binding and backing, but Iwill finish it before Dec 1st!! I'm going to write something every day that I'm grateful for in December and slip that piece of paper into each daily pocket. I'm excited that this will keep me focused on truth through a frantic holiday season!!





Ohhhhhhh, need some aroma therapy??? My kids are overwhelmed right now with the smell of lavender

because I whipped these up today…

little lavender sachet embroidered pillows…yummmmmy!!!





As my craft shows soooo rapidly approach, I've made a pact with myself that I will whip out at least one mini quilt a day…  ie. work on one a day, at least! So today, I was making my mini sachet pillows and saw my silly bandz and immediately got inspired!!

This is what came out!!





Isn't it wonderful to create?

What have you created lately?  Join me on Twitter or Facebook and join the conversation!! 

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