Wednesday’s Wisdom…the Wives Club: Vol.3


Managing Money

—>Money matters to God!!!<—

There is more spoken about money in the Bible than any other subject.

It is also the #1 issue in marital arguments! 

***Everything belongs to God***

Ps 24:1

Ps 89:11

***He is our Source***

2Cor 9:8-11

Phil 4:19

Prov 11:28

***He gives us the power to make wealth***

Deut 8:18

Principles of Money

1. Money is to be earned!

Gen 3:17-19

2 Thes 3:10

Luke 10:7

Prov 12:11

Prov 10:4

Prov 13:11

–>When we work hard, God rewards us!! *Ps 37:25*

2. Money is to be given!

Prov 11:24

Luke 6:38

Eccl 11:1

3. Money is to be managed!

–>Saving is biblical!! God wants you to be prepared!

Prov 6:6-11

–>Be diligent, disciplined, self-controlled and use wisdom!

–>Save for things you want! Buy the best of what you can AFFORD!

4. Money is not to be owed to anyone!!

Prov 22:7

Helpful hints for better money management in your marriage:

With your husbands, decide how you want to manage your money – make sure you are on the same page! Learn to be content, thankful, and guard your heart against instant gratification! *Luke 16:10-12*

If needed, talk with a third party all together – to keep emotions at bay! 🙂


Proverbs 24:3-4

Prov 14:1

—>Be wise women who build your home!

Prov 31:27

–>Do not fall into the "PUT-OFF Cycle"…ie, putting things off until they are too big to handle!

–> Be workers at home, doing what it takes to make a house a home!

*****We need management skills to keep everything under control*********

the good news is that Management skills CAN be learned!! yipeee! (emphasis mine! teehee!)

Here are some challenges we face and how we can fight these challenges:

–>Too tired:

Make a decision to do something whether you like it or not!

–>Too busy:

Set up your priorities! Write them down, make a plan, and work that plan!

–>Don't know how:

Learn, ask for help, find sources like books and other people!

–>Don't care:

this is a problem! *Col 3:23* DO ALL AS UNTO THE LORD!!

Helpful hints for homemaking in your marriage:


*get a to-do list, planner, calendar 

*learn to prioritize (but don't beat yourself up about it!)


*clean well weekly; maintain daily!

*after-dinner ritual (not the PUT-OFF cycle!)

*have a hamper for each kid!


*clip coupons

*clean out fridge BEFORE you shop!


4. Other hints:

*pick up after yourself after you are done.

*after cleaning your make-up off your face at night, wipe your basin with your make-up remover pad.

and most importantly…

Work on your attitude to maintain a THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING attitude!!

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