Finish it Fridays…I’ve been finishing!! yay!!


Ohhhh you know me…I have to have 17 projects (at least) going on at the same time! Well, lately, these piles in my craft studio have been bugging me…down to the smallest piles of little strips of fabric that I just can't give away or throw away!! call HOARDERS!! quick!!

Well, don't call them just yet…I did finish some things this week! and I want to share them with you.

First of all, I'm featured on Stephanie's Unfinished Sewing Projects Blog today!! Someone tell mom I actually finished something! yipeee!!!

Here's the mini quilt I did and submitted to her this week:

Here's what I did first:

I just made these little mini quilts out of fabric strips I had left over from one of my Angel quilts. The fabric is from Joanna's Whimsy collection(Fig Tree & Co for Moda) and Kaari's Rural Jardin collection (French General for Moda)  (the hanger strip is from Joanna's Fresh Cottons…yum!!) 

So hop on over to Stephanie's blog and see how I made it! and the detailed pics! 

Keep Checking the ETSY store for when I load it there for sale!


So here's another fun product I finished:

Remember the little wristlet sample I showed you? Well, I sewed up two more for a darling friend of mine! I am in love with these fall fabrics!!

they are on their way to my darling friend's house!! yipeee!!


Here's another custom product I made for another fun friend!! My friend wanted a black and white camera strap cover so her husband wouldn't be embarrased to use the camera, too! (yes, I've gotten comments from MR Gorgeous about this very issue…)

love it! and I hope she does (and her mr gorgeous does), too!!

Is there a camera strap you want custom made for youeed? just email me at

sally AT sallysangelworks DOT com.


Soooo, last weekend I went to a darling friend's baby shower. I wanted to make her something really fun and unique…something special for her third child – her first girlie!!

I tweeted (follow me here!) to my peeps asking for baby ideas…ohhh I got some fun ideas – handmade baby shoes, a peek-a-boo jar, a infant-cover for a shopping cart…

       But I was looking all around my craft studio for some inspiration and came upon my pile of pink minky dimple dot fabric!! yummmmmy…

I grabbed a stash of ribbons I have, some Moda fabric, and I created a ribbon blankie (like a taggie)… 

Here are some fun close-ups!

she loved it!! and I know the baby will love playing and sucking and chewing on all of those ribbons and those fun soft little bumps!! I may have to make me one, too!! LOL!!


Had enough yet?

Because I have been finishing lately…and I have to share!! LOL!!

I'm still cooking out of the Pioneer Woman's new cookbook, and I'm still losing weight! (I reduced my portions!!)


    nice homemade Chicken Pot Pie!! yummmmmmm!!! LOVE it!!

yep, I've cooked dinner 6 days out of the last 8!! that is amazing for me!!


So I've been quilting up a storm…

Here's my latest that I've sold already, too! I'm gonna have to make a bunch more of these! It is darling!

(click on the pics to see them bigger!)

So those are real dumdum wrappers…

I sewed them onto a piece of muslin then washed it in the washing machine (to get all the sugar ants to go away!! I recommend cleaning and spraying the wrappers first!!!!). 

then I added the back (made from Moda Chez Moi's Boutique collection squares)…

then the sweetie lollipop…

then the fun quote stamped on it…love stamping on fabric!!

and here's my latest quilt kit that I am finishing…from Fig Tree & Co…

it's called Cherry Delight:

Cora making her mark in the world…

So  I am going to applique cherries and then embroider PICNIC FUN around the cherries!! Doesn't that sound fun? I'll definitely share when it's FINISHED!! yipeee!!


One last shout out…

I joined a new online community yesterday called

the Creative Empire!

It's super cool…and has caused me to do some business thinking…okay, a LOT of thinking about everything. What is your passion? What drives you? Why are you doing what you are doing? 

One of the challenges they threw out there was to do something everyday…something having to do with your passion. My passion is creating, so I'm challenging myself to create everyday, and for extra accountability, I'm hoping to blog everyday to share what I've done! Doesn't that sound fun?

One thing I'm going to use, especially this next week while Mr Gorgeous and I go to a pastor's conference in Pennsylvania is this:

my new sketchbook

with the Sketchbook Project

This is the awesomest!!!

I even have my own Brooklyn Art Library card!!

my theme is "It's gonna be fun, i swear"…so I'm going to have fun sketching, art journaling, painting, collecting quotes and scriptures…ohhhh I can't wait. I've already drawn out the first page. I'll share that soon!!    

So don't forget…I've got a new mini kit coming out on Sunday!! I can't wait to see what you can do with it! 

And if you want anything custom made that you've seen here, let me know…

thanks for supporting Sally's Angelworks!!

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