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maybe a little more inspiration?




So…here's the deal…

leave a comment here on my BLOG this week before FRIDAY, July 2nd at MIDNIGHT (so you have all Friday to leave lots of fun comments here!!), and I will enter you into a random drawing to win this fun new kit, sally's sheepish! 🙂 Tell me what you love (or hate) about sheep!!! 

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and have yourself some sheepish fun…

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    I love their soft, thick wool, their adorable baaaahs. I also love that they make wool which in turn gives us some of our favorite things; like soft QUILTS to snuggle in. Their lambs are absolutely adorable and make my heart melt.

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    Sally’s sheepish ? Hihi, cute name.

    Sheep are funny creatures, they can sometimes look so very dumb (specially when they have just had a shaving) but then sometimes they look so lovely and nice but looks can be deceiving as I found out the hard way when I was little.
    My grandparents had sheep and I was in the paddock where there were also fruit trees when one of them tried to corner me and bang me into one of the trees. Luckily my grandfather was able to scare it away before sometime bad happened.
    It was scray, but luckily it didn’t give a me a sheep-trauma.

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    Sheep are just so sweet and cuddlely looking. I look forward to seeing what you created using sheep as inspiration.

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    Great grasscutters, adorable baaah sayers, funny spring jumpers, especially the lambs, leaders to my dreams, soft woolen coat, lovely animals!
    Thamks for the chance to win!

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    Love the lambs, they look so cute bouncing up and down the fields in Spring. Don’t like it when the sheep surround the car to try and grab food when we go to the Long Mynd, love the wool and sheepskin rugs. Thanks for the chance to win one of these 🙂 .

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    LOL – too cute!!! Sheep look very cuddly – especially the fun stuffed kind!!

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    Sheep – we have a whole collection of them at my house (the stuffed variety) my DD collects them and so when I find anything sheep scrapbook based we have to have it!

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    Oh, how incredibly CUTE those sheep are…I appreciate the simplicity in the last one 🙂

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    Too funny these sheep I like them very much and thank you for giving us the chance to win.

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    I love cartoon sheep because they are always SO cute…I am not real fond of real sheep though…lol. Give me a stuffed one any day. Thanks for the chance!

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    Sally .. These sheep are perfect for a fun baby kit ! You are B-a-a-a-h-d to tease with such creativity !

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    now your sheep i really like – but the real ones, not so much 😉

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    my toddler gets so excited when she sees a sheep though I suspect a little its because she loves to say “baa”. And I have a wee confession to make …. by trying to find pics and tv shows with sheep, I have become a cartoon addict … I just LOVE “sean the sheep”, it cracks me up!
    Cant wait to see your new kit – thanks heaps for the chance to win

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    I love sheep, and I especially love hearing my 2-year old son mimic their “baaa”. 🙂

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    I am not a big lover of sheep… I do like the artsy ones, but don’t think I would have them in my pasture. I think the horses and cows would really have a hard time adapting to them!!!!

    I really like your blog.. usually gives me something to ponder about! Thanks

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    Aww… sheep are so cute! 🙂

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    Sheep. I’ve doodled them. I’ve made them in felt. But who wouldn’t covet someone else’s sheep. I already know my sheep. Now I’d enjoy meeting your sheep. LOL. Love your blog…. I plan to work my way backword in it!

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    Love the idea of a “sheepish” kit! My youngest granddaughter has a “Lambie” she sleeps with every night. Thanks so much for the chance to win your kit!!

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    I am in love with those silly Serta Sheep…they’re so cute, and I just love the commercials. I also like the sheep on the Wallace and Grommit cartoons…the big eyes just get me!

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    I love sheep because they give me the yarny goodness I can knit with. Which I love to do when I’m not scrapbook. Or sometimes I do both at the same time!

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    These are so sweet, Sally…’re really making me want to start collecting them! lol They all just look so cuddly and soft!

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    How cute! I love sheep because of the symbolism on so many levels, love, joy, new babies…religious…I can go on and on! LOL! Wonderful!!!

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    I love their thick, curly hair!
    My daughter took a ‘Tots at the farm” class and had a ball petting the sheep! Ever since that class, I’ve had an affinity for sheep..

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    Sheep – what’s not to love! They are cute, they have personality, they give us wool so that we can stay warm. We used to own some sheep when I was younger. They don’t really say “bah” it’s more like “mah” really (at least the one’s we had anyway)

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!

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    adorable sheep. love them. ans thanks for the chance.

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    I adore sheep… I finally found the big wooley stuffed sheep I had as a kid at my mother’s house and have brought it home…its as big as the 15 lb yorkshire terrier and he doesn’t know what to do with it…

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    Yeah! I love sheep. My doggies and I do herding so I’m always looking for sheep for scrapbooking. Sheep are so smart, the way they can ‘read’ dogs and know when to make a ‘break’ for it.

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    I LOVE sheep. I have a collection in my baaaathroom. 😉 Have you seen the Russell the Sheep books? The story is about a sheep who can’t sleep until he counts sheep! The illustrations are very clever hiding his little friend a frog on every page. Author is Rob Scotton. Check it out!

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    What a wonderful new kit sally – i really don’t like when they get burdocks matted in their fur! Their faces are so cute

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    I love sheep and I can see myself using this kit for so many different layouts!
    Thanks for giving it away!

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    Georgeous natural colors.
    I love sheep because they have that instinct talent to recognize their sheperd by his voice ….

    Thank you for the chance.

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