Eloise Monday…winner and new stuff!! yipeeeeee!!


OHhhh we all LOVE a great Monday, huh? Well, it's a bit late here in HTown…yep, Mr Gorgeous is in CA, and I had three cans of Coca-cola today, so I'm still moving!! Barely! 🙂

So I have to tell you what I LOVE today for sure!! 

First, I LOVE Word Art. 

What is word art? well, I like to think of it as text pretty-fied (not pretty-fried, all you Southerners!!). So along the lines of me loving Word Art, I have a new package out!! yipeee!! and I'm loving this group of word art for sure!!


sally's in the garden (click to see it in the store!! yipeee!)

And here's another thing I love…I LOVE my new CT!! yipeee!! It's really fun to have a group of girlies support you! and these gals are wonderful scrappers…

so here are a few LOs from them:

from Caryn

from Clara

from Sara

from Tessie

from me! yipeeee!

Remember, you can click on the LOs to read the journaling better…I'm all about the story! yay!!


Ohhh and I love guessers!! and we had wonderful guessers here on the blog last week!! Thanks to all who participated. 

And we have a WINNER of the new word art!!

and our winner is…

Ella!! yipeeee!

Ella, I will email you your code to download sally's in the garden soon!! 🙂 watch that email box!! yipeee!!


So I am loving all of this crafting extravaganza, and I'm totally psyched about this Crafting party Meetup with Etsy Houston!! Check it out!!

Lots more details here:


I'll be there!! should be LOTs of fun!!

      If you want to carpool, let me know!! I'm excited!!


So I heard about that party on Etsy (obviously!) …

Since most of the people I've told about Etsy have looked at me funny, I'm going to just tell you to do this:

Set aside one hour (ahahahah….or a LOT longer!!) and go to etsy.com!! It is addictive eye candy. Do a search for stores based in your area. Do a search for something you've been dying to buy…

example: search for stuffed sheep (well, that's what I would put in! teeheee)

You get a whole slew of fun stuffed lambs. 

I'm particularly excited about this one – it's a pattern.

 Lilly Lamb ePattern by bitofwhimsyprims!

 I love etsy!!

So I tell you all of this because I'm about to launch into this realm of handmade retail. I'm thrilled, excited, inspired, overwhelmed, tired, sleep-deprived…oh, no…i'm great!! :) 

I'm hoping to get things rolling next Monday, June 21st!! So make sure you are signed up for my newsletter (top right sidebar!) because I will be sending a notice that my store is open for business!! yipeee!! and in the meantime, I'm embroidering, stamping, decoupaging, etc up a storm!! (can't wait for my sewing machine to come back to momma!!)


I have to tell you a little something before I GIVE you a little something!!

Don't give up!! Just go for it!

that's what I want to say to you today! 

We all have many dreams that God puts in our heart, and I know that circumstances get in our way. But today is the only today we have!! There are so many cliches/quotes I can say…"life is uncertain, eat dessert first" or "Carpe Diem – Seize the Day"….

But more importantly, just stop dwelling on everything around your dream, and tackle that dream headon!! 

I've been reading blogs, books, workbooks, web sites, etc getting ready to take this crafting business to a new level…and one thing really hit me in the process:

Put the books and computer down and go and create!! 

I was made to create…I even wrote a song last week! 

(it wasn't this song, but it was a new song!! img from the Graphics Fairy

Ohhh it felt good to craft…craft a chord progression, then to add a melody, then add words (I know, I write songs backwards a bit, but I'm learning, right?). This week, my soul still longs to create music…and I will let it. Everything else I create just flows easier when I'm in music mode. Love that! 

So now it's your turn…

what is your passion? 

Stop studying it (unless it's studying!! teeheee) and just go for it.


…which is a wonderful segue to our FREEBIE this week!!


Download your FREEBIE HERE!!

Thanks so much for supporting Sally's Angelworks!

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Happy Monday (and Tuesday!!) 


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