Yay!!! Monday!!…quick update…

ohhh Happy Monday…

I have a load of fun things I need to photograph and post!! So, I will save all of the things i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE for tomorrow afternoon!! (I'm going shopping in the morning…yipeee!!)

I actually haven't been cooking very much this weekend or last week, so I'll have a trendy tuesday post aka eloise monday post for you tomorrow!!

AND…I'll let you in on a little secret…We (our family) started a project last Friday, and we finished it on Sunday! And it was such a success…I'll share pics tomorrow.

In the midst of that, I released a new product today.

So fun!! 

Go HERE to purchase it!

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Can't wait to share all the fun with you tomorrow!!

I leave you with these LOs to inspire…


everything from EH Studios

her collab with Che Yang – Little Mockingbird


EHStudios It's Why I am

and my new photo masks!!

aren't these fun colors? 

Check out the TWEET kit for the flowers! and my masks…and everything else is a freebie!!  

 Thanks for supporting Sally's Angelworks…see you tomorrow!!


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