Tuesday, I love you, too!! aka Eloise Monday…



Ohhh sometimes you have to let yourself go and enjoy life, right??

Eloise always lives life to the fullest!!  

My goal with this BLOG is to inspire YOU to LIVE life to the fullest. I tend to do that quite a bit. Life is too short not to enjoy every minute of it. So hopefully you will be inspired by my words and pictures, my music and designs, to go out and ENJOY the beautiful life GOD has given you!!

So let the inspiration begin!! 


First off, for Finish it Fridays last Friday, I showed my fun craft studio that I cleaned up in between our big family project…so now it's time for a sneaky peek at our family project that was finished on Sunday!! yay!! 

Basically what we did was take every book off of our built-in shelves upstairs in our game/media/playroom. It was QUITE the task, I must say. But Mr Gorgeous and those beautiful children persevered and with a bit of sorting help from me, finished the job!! yay!!

(Cora is watching netflix instant download here in this pic!)

the brown shelf and the first white shelf on the right contains our school books organized in chronological order (can you believe?)…what a blessing to get those organized! I actually had TOO many books about the American Revolution!! Handy, since that's what we are studying!

This is the TV side of the shelves. There are toy boxes in between under three big bay windows. I still need to paint and fix the curtains in this room…thus no "middle" picture! You can tell our Classics and Encyclopedias are here on the left…And Firefly on Netflix…a fun sci-fi cowboy show!

Thanks, sweet fam for starting and finishing such a big and all-encompassing project like this!!


So that wonderful man of mine gave me a fun gift certificate to Old Navy for Mother's Day. Today I shopped! yay!!

These colors are inspiring my next digital kit!! yipeeee!!   

i {adore} old navy!!


I bet you didn't know that I collect angels as well as sheep!!

So I had a GC to Family Christian Store! So off to the shop today…

I picked up a fun frame that I thought would really go with my fun new kitchen, and the cool thing was that this frame came with a sweet Willow Angel! I love Willow Angels!

So, you know me…I had to whip something up to go inside this frame to fit with my kitchen decor!! So I grabbed a fun antique picture (that you can purchase HERE!), then I took a piece of 4×6 photo paper, inked it up, put it all together…and…


(don't forget, you can click on the pictures to see them bigger!!)

 Oooooooooo I absolutely love my kitchen!!


Soooo honestly, it would not be a day of shopping if I didn't stop at my local quilt store!! My spirit is always lifted when I walk into Quilter's Emporium!! And it was not different today. As a matter of fact, I got so excited because I put a down payment on a new sewing machine for the girlies (and for me…a light machine to take to classes and stuff!!)!! yay!!

 BTW, i used to be embarrassed about layaway, but I found with my first sewing machine that when there is a deal, and I don't have the money right then, grab the layaway option! Much better than paying interest and being in debt!! This particular machine is $200 cheaper at this quilt store then anywhere else! And last Friday there were 8 left. Today only 5…well, now only 4!! yay!! My girlies are thrilled and so am I!!

Omgosh…and let me show you what else I picked up..two jelly rolls from two of my fave fabric designers!!

the top roll is Lumiere de Noel by Moda designed by Kaari Meng of French General

the bottom roll is Fresh Cottons also by Moda designed by Joanna Figuroa of Fig Tree & Co

Don't you love the internet?? and jelly rolls?

can't wait to play with these!! 

 love my sheep!!


Of course, you know now that I am loving the kitchen…

but there was a spot that needed a fun somethin' somethin'…

so into the craft studio I went…

 I painted the frame, added fabric with batting, an antique quilt block that I won from Virginia over at Galloping Pony Studios, a strip of fabric from one of my jelly rolls, some antique buttons, a metal word (forever) AND…

i wanted to add the word hope, but couldn't figure out how to do it.

Today it came to me…metal letters like i've been using in my digital pages.

I wrote the word hope on a piece of paper and then took some light gauge wire and just traced the word with it! It came out perfect, i think!!


I had a perfect spot for this picture, but when I put it there, uh, it just didn't really work. So I added dried roses instead! check it out!!
My kind of wall hangings!

But what about the picture?

Well, here's my fun chalkboard station…and I'm going to do a whole post about this shutter later. But first, here is where the picture ended up!

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One last entry for today!! 

shout out to my darling friend, Colleen!!

Thanks for the Serta sheep, babe!! She's the best…


just a baby sheep…(you know how the Serta sheep are counting sheep…she's not even 1!!)

adorable…mr gorgeous and i figured out we love serta sheep so much because they look like Shaun the Sheep!! awesomeness!! (check out that link…pure sheepish fun!!)


Thanks to everyone for bearing through this post!! If you've made it this far, you deserve a treat!!!

You can have 15% off of anything in my store when you are ordering $2 or more from my store!! Just enter this code when you checkout: 


Ohhh it doesn't get any better than that…

You better hurry…that coupon expires May 23rd at midnight!!

Thanks for supporting Sally's Angelworks!! Enjoy shopping like I did today!!


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