tasty tuesdays…what NOT to do in the kitchen!!


 Welcome back to tasty tuesdays here at sally's angelworks!! 

Sometimes doing a good job at something, learning something well, comes at a cost…

I just didn't realize that something was the tip of my pinkie finger!!

Last week, I believe I mentioned my mother-in-law's birthday fest. Well, among that fest was one big dinner last Thursday in honor of Oma.

I made Beef Tenderloin along with a new recipe, Creamy Rosemary Potatoes.

I started with the Potatoes…and I will spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say, you MUST ALWAYS use your safety guard on your mandoline…and this particular mandoline is not a musical instrument. If used correctly, this kitchen tool is FABULOUS for slicing potatoes!!

Needless to say, please use that sweet little safety guard!! 

And another tip…I hesitated using the guard because the end of the potato is round. My darling friend told me on Sunday that she just cuts her potatoes in half first and then, using the safety guard, slices them easily!

This particular Pioneer Woman recipe, Creamy Rosemary Potatoes, is a very yummmmmy recipe. Parmesan cheese, cream cheese, half and half…ohhhh can it get better than that???

Here is the final result…


And to go with it, I love the quick roasting Beef Tenderloin!

very very tasty!!!


So my mil's favorite dessert is a special Pina-Colada cake…a version of a pineapple upside down cake. I seemed to have misplaced the original recipe for her big bash on Sunday, so I opted to go with the Pioneer Woman's Pineaple Upside Down cake!! It actually ended up tasting like coffee cake with pineapple slices on it!! Fantastic!! and cooked in a skillet!   


I just have to say that I had two people who didn't really like pineapple upside down cake say that they loved this cake!! I'm going to do it again without the pineapples and see if it is just skillet coffee cake!! yummmmm!!! 

Thanks for checking in with my tasty tuesday post!! I hope to have more cooking escapades (without losing tips of fingers!!) this coming week!!  


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