Revelry Thursday!! There is a party here!

Welcome to Revelry Thursday today!! 

I have some fun things to share with you today. Some pictures to share…

First off, let me share with you what we've been doing this week! We are celebrating another birthday here at the Kellers…Oma Keller's birthday is Saturday!!! (Mr Gorgeous' mom!!) So last week, we all got together and tried out a new Sushi + Hibachi grill. My dear mil said it was her birthday lunch…but since her birthday isn't until Saturday, I declared it Oma K-Fest. Fests in our house usually last around a week, so we made some plans this week!! 🙂 I'll let you in on some of our festivities!!


Do you go to the library?

I do!! 

Every Monday I try to head on over to our county library. This past Monday, I found several books that really excited me!!! I love to get books that I'm not sure if I want to buy them or not. 

This first book is now on my buy list! I'm excited about it! Embroidered Effects by Jenny Hart. I love her site and have bought several of her patterns…and this book does not disappoint!! It includes a bunch of fun descriptions of everything embroidery..and even has transfers included!! yay!!

 Click on her name to see her web site, Sublime Stitching. It's very fun. Check out my new little gold crane scissors and embroidery needles…can't wait to start stitching!!

Here's another stack of books that looked fun!!

I'll let you know how they turn out.

 I adore the library…yay!!!!!


So I had to make a fun trip to Joanne's fabrics…

 I've been waiting to buy this fabric. I have two projects in mind for this. I will definitely keep you posted on those. Ohhhhh…soo fun!!

and the whole reason we went to Joanne's…

 We will have to make 4 of these for our end of year Open House! Pray for me!!! 🙂


why do cats sooo love craft studios?


So while at Joanne's, I picked up another yo-yo maker…yes, the fabric kind!!

It's a quick wonderful way to make yoyos!! (i'm still learning, btw, so be patient with me!!)

this is the sewing…

here is the result…


and of course, with there being a birthday, I grabbed a card, a stamp set, a matching ink pad, and I had a card to give my mil tonight at our second dinner celebration!! 

I love stamps!!


So don't tell my mil, but here's a sneak peek at her present that I'll give to her this Sunday at her biggest bash of the week!!

don't tell, k?


So I was going to whip up a special somethin' somethin' for you tonight, but alas, I had a slight accident while slicing potatoes for tonight's dinner…And my right pinkie is a bit under the weather!! I'll find out how badly I've injured it on Sunday when I try to play guitar!! (Thank God it wasn't my left hand!! yikes!!) 

Anyway, let me direct you to the freebie section at Oscraps so you don't go home empty-handed!!

Also, don't forget you can use that coupon to get 15% off any order 2$ or more!! 🙂 Enjoy!!

…and thanks for supporting Sally's Angelworks!!

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