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Ohhhhh this is awesome!! I am loving the Friday!! Even though I usually have a lot of plans on Friday, including an occasional awesome lunch with my bff, I am determined to work toward the finish line for each project I take on!! Today, I took two mini quilts to the next level using new fun ideas (or old ideas that I did with different materials! teehee!!). I also found three other fun unfinished pillow tops or mini quilt tops, I haven't decided yet. But I do know that tomorrow, I am going to finish most if not all of these awesome projects this weekend amidst graduations, house cleaning, and my wonderful BRT gig tonight!!

Don't forget, you can click on the pics to see them bigger…*sigh* i love creating!!

ric rac is my friend!! 🙂

So that (above) is quilt #1…

   Here is quilt #2.

I have to be honest…I started these mini quilts about 3 or 4 years ago from these little sweet spring patterns with bunnies on them. And every time I'd take them out of the package to work on them, the bunny applique would overwhelm me (needle turning applique is not my forte right now) and the bunnies themselves, although very cute, did not inspire me. 

So today, I threw caution to the wind and said, these are mine!! I can do whatever I want with them. So I got my big shot out and some matching fabric and created these flowers.

Using my addictive YoYo maker, I created those bitty yoyos for the insides of the flowers and handsewed them all on. I need to find me some green ric rac for this one. And I'm still toying with the idea of putting the butterfly body on this one…

My creativity and my love for these projects soared today AND taught me a valuable lesson:

Life is short. Eat dessert first!! 🙂

Again, I apologize for no freebie, but I am determined to get one up this weekend for you! 

It's a bit late and my 10yo is making us all breakfast at 9am tomorrow morning, so I better get some sleep!! 

Happy crafting this Memorial Day Weekend!!   

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