eloise monday…it’s a good thing!


Yay!!! It's Monday!!

We had a wonderful weekend, and today is just as productive for me. I spent Saturday just hanging with Mr Gorgeous catching up on all of our DVRed shows and Netflix movies…and while he was watching his current fave tv show on instant Netflix, I scrapbooked! Yep…I did it. I paper scrapped for several hours on Saturday. 

It was a momentous occasion, because I actually finished a major three-and-a-half year long project. My mil's Nepal vacation scrapbook. I've tried to do just a little bit each holiday so I could finish it in a timely fashion, but you know me…my projects stacked up and this one got put on the back burner (especially when I found other fun gifts she would like!! teeeheee!!)

 But this time, for her birthday, I did it. I finished it!! I didn't take any time to photograph any of the pages, partly because the pictures weren't mine to share, but also because I was so excited to finish it and just give it to her!!! I may go back over and snap a couple of pics of my fave LOs…I will show you one of the two digital pages I did (i got permission to post this when I did it a while back!)…only because it is gorgeousness!!! Everything (template and word art) is by Sue Cummings. Imagine this printed out 8.5×11 on a 12×12 piece of paper!

That's how phenomenal the pictures are!! Yep, I feel as if I went to Nepal with them…*sigh*


So, that was my one Finish-it-Friday project this weekend…but the excitement of finishing spilled over to today. Here are a couple of fun HYBRID projects I did today, just to get them off of my FINISH THESE pile:

First, when Mr Gorgeous' grandmother just moved, she gave her grandkids and kids a lot of her stuff. In that pack were these handmade wooden covers for a guest book. I can't remember who made them…probably my great grandmother-in-law…I'll have to check on that!  


 My fil thought I would like it for our cabin!

My fam has a gorgeous cabin up in Colorado..love it!!! Here (above) are my kids there 4 years ago!! omgoodness…time for a vacation!! 

So today, I created printable pages to go inside. I used Danielle Young's Granola Girl kit to embellish the pages…soooo adorable!!


the outline is from tinamarie's Apprentice Kit, One with Nature on sale NOW for only 2$…wonderful kit!!


of course, print, punch and tie those covers on…

I think I may keep it for my own house for a while…it looks really neat on my front entry table, dontcha think?

So fun!! and another project in the stack finished!! Check!!


    Another hybrid quick project that I wanted to do was this sweet little notebook cover. Our pastor at our church has been preaching on your Passion and Purpose in life, and he recommended this book which I found for $4 at the local Family Christian Store. 

So when I need some quiet, introspective time, I grab this book and this white little binder and hide in the craft studio and read and take notes! I wanted a little notebook to take notes in so I could give the book to Mr Gorgeous to read without all of my notes in the margin, which is normally how I read a book like this!!

Of course, my creativity was SCREAMING for some kind of embellished cover for this little binder!! So I grabbed Nina Designs Hopes.and.Dreams kit and created a printable insert for it!


Print, trim, and insert… and voila…

love it!!!

and hybrid is so super easy!!! 


Well, I have a new kit coming out soon!! I have a little quilting to whip up…teeheee…so in the meantime, here is a fun quote in word art form for your FREEBIE pleasure!! Enjoy…


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