Wednesday’s Wisdom…


Today, I was walking out of the grocery store and I started to think about how my feet were sore from walking and standing both at the store and at my three hour rehearsal last night. Then I looked down at my feet…and my thinking changed!! I'm wearing flips, I think!! It's really really spring! I have a short sleeved shirt on and wonderful flips. Life is good…


See how my attitude changed in an instant? This isn't always the easiest of processes, but it's ALWAYS worth the effort I make to do it. Sometimes it's just the itty bitty little things that change my attitude! A simple text message from Mr Gorgeous saying "I love you" can change my whole day from DISMAL to MAGNIFICENT!!! A little wink or squeeze may bug the kids, but it can send my heart soaring.


And it works the other way, too, of course!! Mr Gorgeous found a fun card from me the last time he was in California. I tucked it in his laptop backpack the night before he left surreptitiously! Love that!! It may have been two days before he found it, but it blessed him a LOT when he read it…

the little stuff…


the new roses in our world are so much more beautiful after a winter full of grey…


have you had a day of grey in your marriage? spruce it up with a little word, a note, a text, a facebook post, a rose…


Happy Wednesday!! 

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    I love you!!

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    Ah, so sweet Sally. When my DH was working, each day I’d make him a packed lunch to take to work and every now-&-then, I’d write a little note & pop it inside his lunchbox. Come his lunch break, he’d find the note & know how much I {heart} him. Occasionally, he’d add his own little message, so later that day, when I was doing the dishes, I’d find his sweet little note back to me!!! Hugs, sue.falstaff

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