tasty tuesdays…a chicken or two…and a good laugh between friends!

Happy Tasty Tuesday…(even though it's late late Tuesday…or early Wednesday morning!! teeheeee!!!)

Ohhh I've got a couple of recipe reviews to share with you!

Remember those Comfort Meatballs I made last week? Here's a gander at them in leftover form…

and here's the bread (toast) Mr Gorgeous put them on…

{dontcha just love Lillian's Hello Kitty toaster?}


Now, last week, we had sick kids, camping trips to pack for, groceries to get, and on and on…

in the midst of that, Emma decided to make the Mocha Brownies. It took her 5 hours…yep, I'm not exaggerating…5 hours. Now I know she's a bit of molasses girlie (in a good way! we all need to slow down a bit!!), but 5 hours! Wow!! I was sooo proud of her that she persevered!!  And they were seriously awesome…omgosh…sooo rich!!

P4143360 copy


Well, we personally didn't do anything gourmet on our camping trip this past weekend…although we did eat really well, thanks to the Woodys!!


{above: Melanie's queso dip!}
{i like jack's idea of happy camping food!!}    

celebrating Mark's birthday!! Rosina's Pear Pecan cake!

   We ate well and had a wonderful time!!!


So today I embarked on a new adventure…

Herb Roasted Whole Chicken

You know those Rotisserie Chickens you get at the grocery store? for 6-8 bucks?

You can buy a whole chicken for 4$ and cook it yourself!! I proved it today!! Just ask my mother-in-law and father-in-law and sister-in-law!! They can testify…it's a gorgeous recipe…

And this one is not in the book…it's on Ree's web site!

Herb Roasted Whole Chicken a la Pioneer Woman

So, here are my pics…I started out taking them, but my darling friend Megan popped in and helped cook by taking the pics!!! Love that! (she also cleaned my kitchen while i was peeling potatoes!! NICE!!!)

and my wonderful sister-in-law popped by to drop off her daughter to play…

we were having a fun time with the chicken… 🙂

the Rosemary is from my garden!! yipee!! (i like the sound for that!)

chopping the herbs…so fun!

aren't they beautiful????

              okay…did you notice they are on their tummies??? I didn't notice that…

When you start to cook your way through a cookbook (or a cooking web site), there are innate things that people know…like which way to put the chicken!! LOL!! Apparently I innately don't know some things!! LOL…

Omgosh, I couldn't stop laughing when I realized I cooked these suckers upside down!! ahahahaha!!!

This picture is really tell-tale!!! Look at how their chicken is in the pic!! 


I cooked two at the same time, so that I could drop one off to some friends who just moved into their new house…easy, wonderful, and very, very tasty!!! yummmmm…

And I whipped up PW's Creamy Mashed Potatoes. Dinner was wonderful!

I am loving this cooking thing – Keep me honest! I'm hoping not to lose steam (pun intended!!)…   

Stay tuned for next Tuesday's excitement which should include Beans and Cornbread, Stuffed Jalapenos, Fried Chicken, Rosemary Potatoes…maybe, just maybe I'll get to that Chocolate Sheet Cake!! yay!!!!

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    Yummmm…no words more:))))))

  2. Reply

    OH Sal……YUMMMMMEEEEEEE!! Those chickens are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Reply

    I LOVE that pic of Megan and Aunt DeAnna where they’re both laughing! You need to post that on FB!!

    the chicken was really good! 😀


    ~Your Favorite Daughter

  4. Reply

    And again my 2nd try here LOL

    Those brownies look soooo good! *drool*

    “aren’t they beautiful????”
    Well.. Do I have to be honest?
    Actually no…
    But when they are ready, they look beautifull delicious and TASTEFULL!!

    When I make grilled chicken (Oke, I don’t make it anymore, DH including his 2 brothers, think they die if they eat chicken with bones. Their mother NEVER made a grilled chicken in their life! Can you imagine that!?)
    So when I MADE a grilled chicken, I always like to put in a lemon.
    Just grab a whole lemon, stick in it a few times with a knife. Put it inside the chicken.
    Yes yes.. INSIDE.. use a bit of violence if neccesary LOL It’s got to go through the “egg-hole” LOL
    Just cook the chicken like you used to.

    Sorry for my long comment LOL
    Lucky me there is no maximum of characters I can use!


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    That looks so GOOD!!! You are to awesome♥

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