Revelry Thursday…How to Impress your Mom…part 2 + Freebie!!


Ohhh yes we have major Revelry going on here!!! 

and we can include your mom in on the festivities!!

Let's start with a new product I just uploaded into my O store…

sally's word art: Beautiful Words (click to buy!)

These would be perfect for scrapbook LOs, cards, and other fun projects you can dream up!! Here are two LOs…one from me and one from my darling daughter, Cora:


so fun…stay tuned for next Monday's post where I feature a bunch of projects using these!! (and you can submit any projects you create using this wa and I will feature them here Monday!! yay!!)   


Is your mom a photographer???

If she is, you have to make her one of these!!

a camera strap cover!!

Now before you get all gushy and think I'm a genuis or something, check out where I got the instructions from:

Moda Bake Shop Here

and here's my process in pictures:

{love Moda charm packs!! these are chez moi Boutique and 3 sisters Faded Memories}

{confession: I used regular quilt batting instead of fusible fleece – use up that stash, I always say!!}

{which meant I had to quilt the suckers so the batting wouldn't slip}



This was my fave of the three…so I put it on my camera!

close-up!! and check out my cool Posh Spots necklace…LOVE it!!   

This was an easy, fast project!! You could totally impress your photographer mom with one of these!!


Your mom doesn't have a camera like that?

Does she have a kitchen?

Then she needs customized gorgeous kitchen towels!!

I found these three towels on sale at Marshall's on Monday night. And I just happen to have this shelf right above my sewing machine that has my inspirational fabric that constantly calls out to me…

"sew with me!! sew with me!!"

So I took some vintage fabrics and took them up on it!

the results?

I whipped these up during American Idol last night! another fast and fun, easy project!!

Here are some of my process pics:


love these…these are also Moda fabrics…are you seeing a trend???


okay, so your mom isn't into dishes…

how about clothes???


Here's an idea I came up with while hanging out in Marshalls…

Embroidery is in, guys…it can't be avoided! 

So what if you combine FUN embroidery with a fun CHEAP t-shirt?

I found this tshirt for $5.99 at…you guessed it…Marshalls…(I had some mad money that was burning a hole in my pocket!! LOL!!) (click to actually see the t-shirt! LOL!)


AND I found these FABULOUS embroidery patterns at 

Sublime Stitching…

I've already enlarged the Eiffel Tower. Now all I have to do is use white carbon paper to trace the pattern onto the t-shirt and relax in front of our newest movie purchase, The Blind Side (or the three netflix movies waiting for us to watch them!!)

So, this is one of my weekend projects for this weekend. I think it will be great fun to have the Eiffel Tower on my t-shirt!! All for $8.50!! You cannot go into a store (or even find one on Etsy) and buy a hand embroidered shirt for that price! 

I think your mom will be impressed!!!


I have a sneak peek for next week's Part three of impressing your mom!!

Be sure to check back next Thursday to see what comes of this!!

Ohhhh you have been soooo patient, waiting for your freebie!!

Well, today in honor of Earth Day, I have created some word art…

On Earth Day, I like to give glory where it is due…

our Creator of the earth, heavens and US!!!!

Here's the preview of the wa:


Thanks so much for your support of Sally's Angelworks! Let me know what you think…If I sold my kitchen towels or camera strap covers, would you buy??? (I would…but that's me!!)

Happy day!!! See you Monday!!!



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