Revelry Thursday…eye candy + FREEBIE = love


Ohhhhhhh it's Thursday!! I was soooo thrilled to wake up to a BEAUTIFUL spring day, a cool breeze running through the house, sounds of our waterfall out back drifting into my bedroom, Mr Gorgeous right next to me…ohhhhhhhhhh this is the life!!! 



Yup, spring certainly is giving me extra reasons to be smiling every day!!! And today is no exception. Let me share with you some projects and some fun pics to hopefully put a smile on your face, too!!

First of all, my dearest sweet momma made fun Easter cookies and attached a tag to them {she's an avid stamper!!} And I actually got a pack!! yay!! (my brother and i have a joke that when mom bakes, we always ask, "who is that for???" since she loves to give, give, give!!)

Here's a couple of pics for ya…


Isn't that fun??? Love her crafting!! :) 

and tonight, I get to play cello with her, too, at a Maundy Thursday service at the church I grew up in. So fun!!

Okay, so I have to show off my friend Megan's fun Spring project, too!! She's putting together a BLOG for all of her fun crafting, photography, and fun stuff like that!! Be sure to check it out!! 

But I'm gonna start by showing off her new front door Wreath!

She has more pics on her BLOG with her instructions on how to make it!! cool, huh???

Here's what she started out with…


and here's what she has now…

I love the nest and eggs! :) 


So, did I ever show you what happened to my $4 cheese board from the thrift store?

Here's what it started out as…love those Fiji Islands!!

Here's the final product!


goes perfectly in my shabby chic white kitchen!!!


So today I was redecorating my mantle in my living room. It's April and with April brings another room to tackle! Now, obviously I'm not done redoing my kitchen, so I figured I could just add the living room which flows into the kitchen and it would all be good!! 🙂

So to begin with today, I redid my mantle…with my favorite theme of ALL!! 


Here's my before pic..


The mirror I think I picked up at an estate sale over 12 years ago? I couldn't remember, but it's been in my mom's garage for a long time, and I scammed it last weekend!! 

So add a couple of sheep…


but there's a missing spot…


So…I did what any good crafter does…I created a mini quilt to fill the spot!


I used a font of Darcy Baldwin called DJB Tweenybopper. I printed the text onto a transparency sheet backwards and pressed it onto the fabric and then embroidered. LOVE it!! 🙂 and I used Steam-a-Seam to create the little lamb…all free-handed…inspired by my mini sheep quilt found here.  

I have to add that while I was embroidering one of my favorite sentences from the Word, I was thinking and praying for a dear friend who is having a rough time of it. You know, God doesn't promise us a life filled with ease and perfection, BUT He does promise us that he will be there to guide us and love us through whatever we are going through. What a wonderful promise…one that keeps me going day after day!! (see why I love sheep???) 


I've decided this is my fave kind of quilting…a grid…love it, love it, love it!!


*sigh* i {adore} sheep!!

…and mini quilts…

…and blogging…


Ohhhh I have to tell you what I did yesterday…

I went antiquing with my darling sister-in-law. We live about 10 minutes from a small town with a fabulous antiquing community of stores!! sooo fun!! Ohhh if we had had a million dollars to spend, we'd have had to bring both of our trucks!! Luckily, we were really content with mainly just browsing and getting an idea of what's out there these days! 

Don't fear, though…I did spend a little money…on what, you ask?

Quilts…of course!!

There is one shop where they frequently stock "cutter quilts". These are ragged out, worn quilts that crafters buy to cut up and make new stuff out of them. I have a hard time cutting into them, but for the price that I got 3, yep, count them…3 quilts, I may be able to cut at least one of them up!

I got these three quilts for 30$ TOTAL!!



They are snuggle quilts to me!! Just wonderful!! for 30$? seriously?



And now, since you have been so wonderful to read through my antics today, I want to give back to you. I'm continuing my scripture series…I hope to put them in a kit at the end of this month, so grab them for free here while you can!! 🙂

These scriptures are best said out loud in a strong professing voice!!

and today's is from Romans 5:17…love it!!

(the paper in this preview will be available tomorrow in my newest kit…along with some fun "peeps"!! YAY!!)


Thanks sooo much for supporting Sally's Angelworks, and stay tuned for more fun antics, eye candy pics and just pure unadulterated FUN!!! 🙂


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