eloise monday..NEW FUN!!! yay!!


Ohhh I'm sooo excited for all of the excitement of today!!! You'd think I didn't have to organize laundry, clean out my crafting studio, or finish the dishes (well, I did do that this morning! yay!) today!! But amidst all of my "getting it together" stuff of life that I have to do today, there is HOOPLA!!! 

So in my best Eloise fashion, let me share what I ABSOLUTELY love love love today!!


Today, Oscraps released it's first FREEBIE to everyone who joins them on Twitter!!

This element kit is PHENOMENAL!!! wow!! 

and the best is it's FREE for all who sign up to follow Oscraps on Twitter!!! So sign up today!!!  I heard also that if you join right now before we hit 750, you could be entered into a drawing for a 20$ coupon to the Ostore!! wow!!! 

And guess what I just posted at Oscraps? (well, several things, but one thing at time, huh?)

A new Tweetin' challenge!!! wooohooooo!!

Go HERE to find out the details!!

Here's my LO for the challenge…


This was a facebook status of mine a couple of days ago!!! sooo fun!!


Now, ready for some more coolness at the O???

I released a new product in my store today!! yipeeee!!

These are a little different than normal elements that digital designers may design. So I have to show you what you can do with them! You will have so much fun with these…I promise!!!! 

First, Look and see what a few of the CheeryOs did with them:

Sara created this LO:


Diane created this LO:


Maya created this LO:

Ohh these girlies are such wonderful artists!

And I created this LO:


Here's another wonderful fun piece of art you can do with these, too!!

an ATC by Diane:

{love the sheep!!! and the owl!! *sigh*}

These pictures are hi-res so you can print them and do hybrid/altered projects with them.

I've actually already posted two projects on my blog using these!!

Here is a mini quilt I did with quilt blocks I received from a quilt swap! yay!!

Go HERE to see how I did this and how I used the antique picture! 

Another mini quilt using a fun RAK pack from my friend Virginia over at Galloping Pony!

Check out HERE to see how I made this!! 

Here is a project where I used an antique pic from another source, but you can use these perfectly for a piece of home art like this:

   Go HERE to see how I made this!

    So now rush right over to the Ostore and pick these little babies up!! Perfect for all of your artistic needs!! 🙂

I apologize for missing Revelry Thursday last week, but I was putting our family together to go to New Orleans where my darling son competed in his Regional gymnastics competition. He did well, and I am so proud of his wonderful season this year! I'm going to get him to upload his routines on youtube so I can share how talented he is at this sport!! yay!!


I hope to share some fun pics of New Orleans this Thursday that I grabbed in the short (very, very short…24 hours) we were there! 

BTW, stay tuned tomorrow for some pot roast and some comfort meatballs, and hopefully a wonderful dessert from the Pioneer Woman's cookbook!!

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Isn't all of this technology the best???????? (yes, I'm still in the dark about it all, but I have a couple of teenagers to keep me straight…i hope!!)

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