Revelry Thursday…with a WISE gift for you!!

Ohhhh here we are on Thursday!! 

Today turned out to be gorgeous here in SW Texas…gorgeous enough to work a little bit in the garage!

So let's jump right into the revelry!!

{remember, you can click on the pics to see them larger!}

Tuesday my girlies and I went on an "adventure" as my 8yo likes to call a bunch of errands in a row! We ended up at a fun antique store about 10 minutes before they were going to close. I was looking for that perfect shelf. I actually had found one that I loved for 85$ about two weeks ago at a fun home interior boutique, but Tuesday when I ran in there to buy it, it was sold. I was okay with that! It had seemed a bit high in price even though it was exactly what I wanted. That shelf looked a lot like this shelf here:


{from Country Living}

So we were in this fabulous antique store, and I found two shelves made out of wood and vintage tin ceiling tiles. The owner of the store measured the shelves for me, but they were just a little too long! I asked if the shelves were antiques or reproductions (at $190 each, i was hoping they were antiques), but no…they were reproductions. I told the owner that i needed to measure and probably find something a little shorter in length! (and sell a child to pay all that money!!)

On our way home, we stopped off at Hobby Lobby. Guess what they had ON SALE 50% off???? wood shelves with antique tin ceiling tiles!!! the perfect length, too!! The only problem was that it wasn't white. But that won't stop a crafter, right?

 my shelf before painting…a total of 20$!!! 


{painted before sanding}  

{finished shelf!!} 

Mr Gorgeous knows what he's doing this weekend!

While at Hobby Lobby, I found this really fun bird cage to put on my shelf! (or close by, we'll see!!)

I was going to paint it white, but opted to keep it this fun neutral color to give the kitchen even more of that vintage look!! I have some awesome birds and a nest to place in here with some fun moss…can't wait to get that shelf up…spring is here!!

Here's a fun pic of my darling 10yo, Emma, who was helping me scrape some blue paint off of a piece of a door that I'm going to paint a fun sign on for the kitchen! Homeschooling at it's best!! 


Another weekend project I have to finish is my guest room drapes. 

Here is my window I'm covering…


and here is the MODA Two Sisters "Simplicity" fabric I chose to cover the window!


can't wait to whip these up on Saturday morning!!




{my mom, sister, and me in Alaska last July}

I have to admit that since most of my creativity goes into music, quilting, and scrapping, I tend to avoid the kitchen!! Well, my darling sister posted a link on my Facebook wall to a fun, easy (very fast!) recipe from Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman!  Mystery Rolls (click for the recipe!)

Last night I made them and the kids DEVOURED them! My favorite comment was Quentin's: 

"Mom, you need to give me the recipe right now so that I can cook these when I move out!!"

he's 12! (love that!!)

Aren't they cute???

I've decided that when I get a little more pocket cash, I'm going to pick up Ree's new cookbook, cook out of it every night (sorta!!), and BLOG…like Julie and Julia!! love that!!!


Another home pic…have to share the ultimate hideaway room for me right now…

{my studio}

isn't that guitar inviting???

I bought a Shabby Chic shower curtain to put under the table to cover up my crazy stacks of stuff under my table! I hemmed it to fit and added ribbons to hold it to the shower curtain rod (that we had bought for something else…repurposing-YAY!!) i adore those ruffles!! yay, Target!!! 

I've become completely addicted to feed sacks…yup, you heard me. Vintage feed sacks are sooo cool!! So I found one (or really 100) on ebay and bid and won!! and it kinda looks cool on my kitchen curtains. So now I'm researching things I can do with it!!

so fun!!!!

My darlings baking cookies all on their own!! 


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