Revelry Thursday!!!! yup…we are still partying!

(my darling 8yo – lillian clar

Ohhhhhh this is going to be a wonderful weekend!! And to start, I'm going to share with you what I'm up to this weekend!! Do you ever feel like you need to tell people about things you are going to do so that you will actually do them??? That's me…needing accountability, for sure!!! So you keep me accountable this weekend, okay?


Here is my fun Studio desk…filled with projects!


I can't wait to get started…

 I am going to paint the word "MILK" on this fence board to look like this:

{from Country Living…fun, huh?}

ohhhh, my swap retreat quilt blocks came in from Galloping Pony and I can't wait to create a wonderful little mini quilt to hang somewhere in my fun home!! I have a pattern I want to edit a bit and use…*sigh* i love quilting!! :)   

I found fake fruit at Hobby Lobby yesterday, so I picked up a couple more washcloths to make some cupcakes like this:

Fun weekend…I can't wait!!

so in this pile, i have curtain tiebacks to paint for my guest room windows, starbucks cup wrappers to embellish, and antique quilt blocks to create art with!! yipeeee!!!

BTW, my weekend starts tomorrow! I'll have to administer a couple of tests for the sweetie pies, but we are going to conquer this pile of crafting!!! yay!!!

 This is actually my first project on Saturday. I got this marvelous fabric at a wholesale fabric store for $6.95 a yard!! yay!! I'm going to cover chairs with it for my kitchen table. yay!!!! It's coming together…and I'm loving every minute of creating a home for me and my sweet family!

Here's a fun picture of me and my sweet kiddos!!

(first photo and this photo by studioRphotos!!} 


wanna freebie??

Here ya go!! 

another addition for my Robin's Egg kit! :) 

get it while you can!! yay!!!



and in an easter inspirational way…i'll leave you with a couple of fun pics of my latest purchase getting ready for easter!! 🙂

{adorable place card holders!!}

happy thursday…and happy weekend!!!!!  


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