Revelry Thursday!! it’s Thursday!! we are partying!!

Omgoodness…this week has gone by toooooo fast!!! But the Lord has promised Mr Gorgeous and I that we will be able to get more done in less time, so I'm working toward that minute by minute!! AND my whole goal while living that way is to ENJOY the JOURNEY!!! 

This week I have soooo enjoyed the company of a bunch of wonderful pastors and our music team at Brighton Church! We had two wonderful days of worship and fellowship. Last night we finished the Horizon Pastor's Conference by having a fun casual night out by the pool eating homemade burgers, brisket, salad, chips…and Emma's wonderful brownies!! YUMMMMMMM!!!


Things I have loved this week: 

(this would be my Show and Tell Revelry part!! LOL!!)

In getting ready for hosting a wonderful new friend and pastor, we did some fun updating in the craft room!! and I know you are dying to see pics of our new curtains in there!! I ADORE them!!

Here ya go…

 (sorry about the backlight…i'm still working that out!! 🙂 )





Fun, huh? Mr Gorgeous came up with the idea of using TieBacks and I implemented the idea…

Love that Moda "Simplicity" fabric! It was a cinch to sew!! *sigh*        


my 15yo darling is driving!!

 She's doing a wonderful job!! 

Can't wait to transfer all of the taxi service to her!! LOL!!

My dear friend Megan surprised me with one of my fave books!! 

(I didn't have this one in the series!!) 

wtg, Megan!!

love, love, love that!!

and my anonymous gifter's present came today!! yipeeeeee!!!

{cell phone pic, cause I'm posting at Starbucks…which I thought was ironic, since the Pioneer Woman tends to comment a LOT in her cookbook about Starbucks!! teeeheeee!!}

thanks, my darling benefactor!! 🙂

Ohhh I just had to pop a pic of two of mine + their darling cousins from today's antics!

And speaking of RAKs!! 

A new Online friend Patricia gifted me with a BIG batch of goodies today in the mail!!

 Ohhhh sooo fun!!!

I can't wait to use the flocking for sheep!! (black sheep included!!)

and those velvet flowers…and felt arrows…and everything!! sooo cute…here are some close up pics!

Thanks sooooo much, Patricia!!! LOVE these goodies!!

And now…a goodie for YOU!!! You've been patient, reading through all of my show and tell…

Here is an Add-On kit to my new kit, Robin's Egg, coming out soon!!

(and I mean soon!! Yipeeee!!)   



Thank you sooo much for supporting Sally's Angelworks!! AND be sure you check in on Sunday for the beginning of our Oscraps 4th birthday party!! We will have a BLOG HOP, chats, lots of fun and prizes…ohhhh you won't want to miss it!!! 


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    Sally soooo glad you liked your goodies. I love sending RAK’s they make me happy to share and others happy to receive. I love the Pioneer cookbook too. Tonight I am making the blue berry thing and this weekend I think I am gonna make the MM sandwiches for my hubby. Love your blog it is awesome and I am gonna have to run to the book store and get that Shabby book cause it looks awesome.

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    Good job friend so making it thur sure a crazy busy week… and look how many fun things you got this week:)

    I still cant believe that i pulled off such a great book gift and had NO idea you love her.
    Keep up the good work my dear friend 🙂
    PS>>>> We might need to work on my fun photo faces… NICE!

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    love the expressions on yours & Megan’s faces … so goofy (in a good way!). Congrats on getting the curtains finished … the tie-back are an inspired decision. WTG Mr Gorgeous! I’m intrigued by all things shabby-chic too (though not brave enough to decorate my home in it!) and I get so many digi-designing ideas from books like this … gonna hit Amazon to see if they stock it here in UK! I’m really looking forward to all the fun & games planned at the “O” next week … and I can’t believe it’s been 1 year already since I went from being just a lurker at the “O” to being a fully-fledged “O” lOver!!! Have a fabulous weekend Sally. Hugs, sue.falstaff

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