Rainy days and Mondays…


ohhhh I am loving this cozy, rainy monday…perfect for snuggling!!! Although my kids are spread throughout the house!! Three out of four are done with their school (they get the concept…work fast and well, so you can play sooner!!) Then I have my last child. She's a sneaker…she sneaks away when I'm not looking and hopes I don't ask to see her work. *sigh* It's good for us, though…keeps us on our toes!! And She'll be the one who will be snuggling with me as soon as she finishes her math. Here she is next to me:

P3081325 copy 

Soooooo on to fun things…like my crafty weekend! I started on Friday working on my list of things I had listed here in my Revelry Thursday post. And here's what I accomplished so far!!

I started with my mini quilt with my swap blocks:





Check out these closeups:

   This antique picture is of my darling grandmother (if you couldn't tell from the dictionary page!). Love love love this mini-quilt!! 

Thanks again, Virginia from Galloping Pony for doing the fabulous cyber retreat and block swap!! I'm thrilled with my results!! yay!! 🙂

And now for my wood adventures this weekend!!



love love love it! And I can't wait to put it somewhere in my kitchen!

I'm thinking about this wall…

I have a shelf picked out to go right where the bottom of the plate rack is, and some fun white pottery, too, to go on it.  I was thinking my mini quilts under it and the milk sign somewhere…either on the shelf or under it. We'll see when I get all of the parts.

I'd love to hear from you what you think about it: Do you think I should move the TV? {notice the diehard 12 yo playing on his Xbox 360? I don't know if I could move that anywhere else!! 🙂 } There are so many options in this kitchen…I'm almost overwhelmed…almost is the key word!! I'm hoping in three weeks to put beadboard all around this breakfast area, too…we'll see how the funding is shaping up for that. All on a budget, you know!! 

okay…some more projects…i was a busy bee this weekend!! omgosh!! (probably why today is a snuggle day!!)

    I got the tie backs all painted. This week I have to make curtains for the guest room since we are having a guest pastor stay with us next week during our pastor's conference. Fun!

See that fun material? It's to cover our kitchen chairs (that have been in our garage for months!!)





Now, really this chair isn't done yet. Mr Gorgeous surprised me with a new pneumatic staple gun (that just means that I get to use my air compressor with it!! yay, tools!!!) with staples. But the staples weren't quite short enough, so this chair might get you a little bit if you sit in it! Gotta fix those staples poking through!! teeheee….So it's off to Home Depot (darn!! <- sarcasm!!) to get 1/2" staples to finish the project!! 

{note the rainy dreariness today outside}

Monday, I'm still loving you!!!


Ohhh I have to post some inspiration that I've really been enjoying!! 

I happened upon this blog in my blog travels last week..*sigh* heaven…

So You Think You Can Design

Week2 thumbnail

I haven't voted yet this week, but I did last week. Every stinking blog is sooo inspirational!! I'm hoping to create some exciting things this week with the inspiration from these sites! yay!!

The really fun thing is that the inspiration for these designers this week is the same inspiration that the CHEERYOs have used to do their Style Spotlight this week at Oscraps:


Here's my LO for this spotlight! 


{click on the layout to read my journaling} 

OHhh you just have to join in! You can link me up here if you do this challenge and I may throw in a little extra prize for you at the O!! 🙂

okay…my last bit of inspiration is my fave band right now (besides BRT, of course!! LOL!!)…

Cadillac Sky is sooooo rockin' the tunes right now! We had to miss their show because of Lil's birthday and our own rehearsals, but I intend on getting to one of their shows when they pass through Texas again (even if it means a road trip!!)

Right now they are trying to get to 3500 fans on their FB page! Join in…we'll ALL get a free download from their up and coming album, Letters of the Deep!

Here's a YouTube video of one of my fave songs by them! Enjoy!! 

love the harmonies…the instruments…the "new"grass movement! yay! (did i mention i went to college with the bass player? just sayin'!)

So…I hope your monday has been as inspired as mine!! 🙂 I have a special treat for Wednesday's Wisdom this week…Mr Gorgeous gets to weigh in. I thought it was only fair! (maybe this will convince him to start his own blog!!) And Thursday, I hope to have a fun new announcement along with my awesome FREEBIES for the week!! yay!!

Happy Monday!!!

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