Special GIVEAWAY Monday!!

So you know I am loving me some Monday!! I'm addicted to the fresh start a Monday gives me…all of the possibilities are laying in front of us…I can't wait to get started! How about you?? 

Well, I have some special things to share with you today, whether you are a quilter, a scrapbooker, or even just a girlie girl who loves her some BLING!!! This post is for YOU!!!

First of all, I am in the store at Oscraps this week!!!! I am proud to announce that I am the guest designer for {52} inspirations this week!! I've designed a fun Valentine's mini-kit for you to play with! YAY!!! 

Here's a preview of the kit:


How fun is that???? I'm really excited!! yay!!!

and Sue asked me what inspires me? Here's my answer:

{Layout by Sue Cummings}


Here's what the text says…(what inspires me…):

A sweet melody I can't get out of my head, my husband, a blue cloudless sky, the smell of lavender, a cottage-style kitchen table with white paint peeling off of it, the soft feel of cotton, a wrap-around porch with a tin star on it, my husband, the cello, a rubber stamp – some red ink – and a black journaling marker, buttons and lace, swirls, the sound of my children peeking into my room while i'm sleeping in the morning then giggling and running away, did i mention my husband?, a beautiful blog, the ocean at sunrise, a group of women who honestly strive to encourage each other, my mother, the way that God uses the earth to paint a landscape, the sleepy-eyed look in my children's faces when they first get up, embroidery thread, a pencil and a sketch pad, good bluegrass music, a comfy chair, a soft worn vintage quilt…AND being made in the image of the Creator and creating all day long!

  So, I'm thrilled to be a part of the Oscraps store this week…I'm hoping it is the beginning of a LONG relationship!! heeheee!!!

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Wanna win some free jewelry??? Check this out!!


My friend, October has started a new company, Posh Spots that I showed you last week!! well, this week we are doing a GIVEAWAY here on my BLOG!!! 

All you need to do is comment on my BLOG on any of the posts THIS WEEK (starting with today's post)

But before you comment, check out some of her products…they are awesome!!!




Aren't these fabulous??? 

Here are a couple more images from her wonderful site!!



Comment here on my BLOG sometime between now and Friday, Feb 12th at Midnight (CST), and you will be entered to win a 25$ GC to Posh Spots!! 

Can't wait to have one of these fabulous works of art? Go ahead and order your special piece of jewelry right now!!! I love mine!! *sigh* Be sure and tell October that I sent you…  

and speaking of gorgeousness…

you know what day it is!!! It's Monday at the O, time for a new spotlight!! and the cool thing is that this week, the spotlight is on CORA and MAYA, our youngest, yet probably most talented CheeryOs!! yay!!!!


Here's Cora's LO for the challenge!! (I've been a bit preoccupied to scrap lately, but it's coming…you know it is!! 🙂 )

(love this shot Cora took of Megan!!) 

Ohhhhhh this post is full of eye candy already, but I have to show off a couple more creative ideas!!

  I found this fun "cupcake" in Pleasanton, CA at this cool store called Pans on Fire.


isn't this darling? a washcloth rolled up in some decorative paper!! I'm thinking this will be my fun valentine's gifties for my friends…(so if you're my friend, don't look!! LOL!!)

OHhhh did I mention I am going to have something really cool on Thursday???? 

Here's a sneaky peek…

I know that looks funny, but it is a sneaky peek!! heeheee!!! 

did I mention that i {adore} fabric?

Thanks for visiting Sally's Angelworks!! Don't forget to leave a comment to be entered into the GIVEAWAY!!!   

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