Seven things I am loving this Monday!!!


Yup…my favorite thing today?? Mr Gorgeous…of course…he's home!

The next fun thing? I got to go recording in the studio today! And we're hoping that in 30 days we'll have this song published and available to YOU for download!! yipeee!!! 

Third fun thing, OMgosh!!! Guess what???? I WON the final prize at the {CYBER} retreat I attended this weekend!! YIPEEE!!! Check out what I won at Virginia's BLOG here!! I'll put up more detailed pics when I receive the giftie! oh yeah!! I'm loving it!! 🙂

Fourth, I'm also excited that I did 9 blocks (really, 10, but I'm keeping one for me) for the 9 patch block swap! That will be the cutest little mini quilt! I can't wait to get the little blocks and then go to my local quilt store and get some fabric for sashing and backing…*sigh* I love quilting!!! Here's a sneak peek at my blocks…


Fun thing #5…you guessed it!! Our Spotlight Challenge this week…


This will be a lot of fun to scrap!!! I'm thinking I'm gonna use one of these pictures…




OHhhhhhh, why don't you leave a comment and tell me which one you like the best??? I have a couple of quotes from this little fairy girlie that will make you Laugh, TOO!! LOL!

6. I am inspired!!! LOL!! One of the projects I finished this weekend was an inspiration board for my dear friend Megan at Studio R Photos. She brought me an empty bulletin board and I just took extra "stuff" and filled it! I actually left a little space for her to put stuff on there that she loves, too! But she did say it was definitely inspiring!! (I added some "sally" touches) Here is a peek at it. The original is in her photography studio…if you are in the Houston area, you can book a session now and see the board in person!! heehee!!!  


{click to see it bigger}

here are some close-ups…


{i had to put a pic of the two of us!!}


{love that saying…just sayin'…}



{of course there's a sheep on it!!!} 

so fun!!! I can't wait to redo mine for The Studio, too!! 🙂

and lastly, number 7…music…I am LOVING this new album I got (new to me, old album! Thanks for the tip, Virginia!!!) from Alison Krauss and Union Station called New Favorite…perfect for crafting!! for sure!!! Here is my fave track off of it. I just love this…her voice is *sigh* just awesome…

Thanks for hanging with me this Monday!!!! I'll be back Wednesday for some wisdom!! and Thursday, don't forget to check back here for your weekly freebie and maybe an special announcement…woohooo!!!

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    Great list of things Sally! Those little quilt squares are cute!

    As for your page I’m thinking a 2 photo with the last two photos. I love the color in the socks and think it goes well with the silly big grin above it 😀

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    Busy, busy, busy as always Sally … I swear you’re Superwoman. LOL! As for the photos, well my fav is the last one (just the red sock / legs), purely because it leaves the rest of the image up to your imagination. Can’t wait to see the final LO. Hugs, sue.falstaff

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    Love those tiny little quilt blocks! Where do you find the time to do all that you do? Ever consider cloning yourself?

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    Thank you so much for the board Sally ! I love it and i cant wait till i hang it… WE LOVE YOU !

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