Revelry Thursday…with Freebie of course!!!

{first announcement}

Wednesday's Wisdom will come on Friday…

I'm more inspired when Mr Gorgeous is home from California…just sayin'…:)


{second announcement}

BRT has another gig this Friday!! Go here to see the details!!


{third announcement}

I want to share some fun eye candy I found this week while on a STUDIO haitus (due to a certain cute one year old running around the house all week!!)

First of all, remember how I'm redecorating my kitchen? Well, I've fallen in love with everything WHITE!! and kinda country-ish (not overboard…) So I've been on a bloghunt to find white decor, and there are a BEVY of fun blogs out there. Here are three that I found right off!

The first is Maria's Blog, Dreamy Whites:

{pics from her blog!}


LOVE it!! Hop on over there so you can get in on her cool contest to win these fabulous spice jars from my favorite shop!!

Speaking of my fave shop, don't you think I need this chandelier in my new kitchen?? Can I borrow $4800??

How long do you think it will take me to collect enough silverware to make it?? 


Here's another BLOG I LOVE!! eye candy!!!


{there is a google translate button on the right sidebar} 


{pic from her blog}

Now, be sure and set aside some time to just wander around the internet following links from these BLOGS because there are some fun gorgeous blogs out there!!!

Here's the third and one of my favorites!!


R33 008p3
{ohhhhhh i am {heart}ing this porch!!}


{pics from her blog!}

Isn't this fun????

{fourth announcement}

So I had these grand plans to inspire you from the studio today, but alas, I didn't really get my hands into any fabric…BUT I did get my hands on those colored pencils I was sneak peeking you last Thursday!

So I do have a handcrafted FREEBIE for you!! yay!! 

{colored pencils from that aforementioned fave shop!} 

but before I share the link with you, I wanna show off some of my shopping spree at Oscraps last night. You will love these kits I got!! I do!!

get it here

get it here

get it here 

get it here

get it here

get it here

so I'm on a spring kick…i want spring here so badly! I've never been so ready for sun and heat as i am this year! It's nuts. I'm usually the one who is ready to revel in winter, but this year…too cold for this southern girlie!! So as I sneak peeked you this week, I have been so inspired by the color ROBIN's EGG BLUE!!! and I have a new kit that I'm working on called Sally's Robin's Egg!! yay!!! (no, it's not a bunch of images of eggs…LOL!!!) And here is a sneak peek of the kit by way of a LO of mine that I did today!!


 this is using Angela Powers' A Jar full of Whimsy

and Emily Powers' Photology 2.0

…the paper, title wa and the frame are all mine…

and the {BIRDIE} which you get for FREE today!! 

{for a limited time only}


enjoy and stay tuned for the release of this fun kit!! 

thanks for supporting Sally's Angelworks!! 


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