Revelry Thursday!!! Freebie included, of course!!!

Ohhhh amidst all of the Olympic hoopla (which i ADORE!), I actually did created some art today!! yipeeee!!!

But before I share that with you, and before I share your FREEBIE for today, I want to tell you about our band gig tomorrow night! And next weekend, too!! I'm excited!! 


Brazos River Turnaround is going to perform tomorrow night (friday, Feb 19th – 5:30-8:30pm) at a Charity Spaghetti Cook-off for the Exchange Club of SugarLand! We are excited to do a set of Jazz standards first while the guests are eating dinner. Then we'll perform our original set. If we still have time, we've got another set of Worship covers to perform!! Doesn't that sound exciting????

 Megan camera 069 copy 2

Next Friday night we are performing at the Kick Back Koffee House at 9pm! Excited to be at a coffee house again. I love the laid back atmosphere!! 🙂 Be sure and check out our web site for directions to our gigs and details!! 


Now, today, I had a creative hankering!!

So I grabbed a bunch of "stuff" to play with:


and I created a piece of art for my kitchen that I'm redecorating!!

I adore vintage cards and I picked up a couple of packs of them at the antique store I visited in CA. I can't wait to have an afternoon to go antiquing here in my area…hopefully soon…but in the meantime, I'm creating with what I've got!! yipeee!!

Here is the final product!



(ignore the reflection in the glass!!)

I whipped up the little mini quilt in the top right corner!

 I am soooo adoring the mini quilt art!! So fun!!  


So do you ever feel like you've eaten an entire box of chocolates???

{thank goodness I started walking on a treadmill 5 days a week!!}

{thanks, mr gorgeous, for my valentines gift!}

{check these out!} 

a bole of cotton, a set of colored pencils {a sneak peek for next week's freebie}, a sheep punch (martha stewart at michael's), and a wonderfully fun cigar box! I am loving my Studio these days…fully artistically ME!!!

and…speaking of sheep and me…


I received my new calendar from Connie Tögel from Sheep Incognito!! She is my favorite sheep artist!!! Check out her art here at Charisma Art



I hope you have been inspired today!!

and here is a fun freebie about BEAUTY today just for YOU!! 

I am loving this word art, especially as an artist!


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