Revelry Thursday!!!! Freebie for YOU!!! :)

OHhh it's Thursday…I can tell…My day started off beautifully…a piece of chocolate for breakfast, lunch with a dear friend at Barry's Pizza…yummmmm, a trip to Hobby Lobby and Office Max…Chemistry lesson with my sweeties…and now BLOGGING!!! such a wonderful day!!!

And this after a day of revelry yesterday, too!! I'm going to share a little of my revelry of both days, because I believe in SHARING!!! 🙂

Yesterday, my darling teenager (who now has a driver's permit! YIKES!!) talked me into taking her to meet her friends for a movie at 1:50pm. (perfect time for a movie, btw!!) I decided that, since I was basically a wimp when it came to seeing gut-wrenching movies in the theater (too many mascara issues!!), I would take Lillian (7yo) to see a movie and we'd let Cora hang with her buddies at her movie alone! *gasp* She saw a fantastic movie called "To Save a Life" and apparently it was really great for teenagers…I'm sure it's really great for everyone!! Check it out here:

To Save a Life


Okay, so for those of us who can't handle crying our guts out in public, we went to Tooth Fairy!! LOL!! (I still cried at the end, well…because I like me a good redemption story!!) LOL!! The Rock, Billy Crystal and Julie Andrews and the guy who played Tracy were ALL awesome!! and Lil loved it!! Check it out here:

Tooth Fairy


{Too funny!!!}

 Okay, so then, we girlies met my mom at my fave quilt store, Quilter's Emporium, and I got to spend my GC that she had given me for Christmas, and she got to pick out a pattern and fabric for the new quilt I am making her this year!! (that was one of the gifts I gave her for Christmas!!) Here's the kit she picked…

GORGEOUS fabrics!!! Can't wait to get started on this one!!! 

and here are some of the goodies that I got!!

I'm {addicted} to charm packs!


and {jelly rolls}…


and {French General}


and {fig tree & co}…

    So then we got home…and there in my mail box was my gifties from Virginia Cole at Galloping Pony…*sigh* love her!! 


the cotton was my fave!!! (in the corner!) 

^that is a before pic…

i'm hoping to have an "after" done by next Thursday to share with you!!

 *sigh* love it!!

AND not only was my mailbox full, but my friend, October had dropped off my new necklace from her new business, Posh Spots!! I'm soooo thrilled!! It's fantastic!! and I'm going to sneakily tell you…I'm going to have a giveaway on my blog next week, so be sure and stay tuned to win one of these for yourself!! or if you can't wait (like I couldn't!!), just order directly from her awesome store!! yay!!


i am adoring wearing my kids around my neck!! teehee!!!


and I just have to add that we have been doing a bit of school amidst all of the revelry!!!

{cora} doing "school" ahahahahahah!!


{quentin, emma, and lil creating models of Lithium atoms}

nothing better than a little chemistry in the middle of the day!!


ohhh my goodness, i almost forgot in all of my partying…

I want to give you a little something today for making it through all of this revelry!!!  

Here's a quick page for you!! If you are new to digiscrapping, this is a great place to start! You can just drop your picture behind this and add some journaling, or not!! 🙂 and voila, a scrapbook page done!! That's nifty and swifty!! yay!!!


And this also introduces my new packaging! yay!! enjoy!!


I hope you were inspired by today's post!! Be sure and check back here on Monday for some exciting news and our wonderful Posh Spots GIVEAWAY!!! yay!!



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