monday…i still love ya!!!


yep…it's been a monday today!!! And since it's almost over, I'm just gonna keep it short tonight for some LOVELY fun stuff…

Today starts the CheeryO's Monday spotlight on journaling over at the O!


and you know if it's journaling, I've got to join in!! 


Check out my credits and leave some love here!!

Our gig on Friday night went wonderfully!! We have another one this Friday night and I hope to get more video so I can post it here and youtube and our BLOG. But keep your eyes peeled this week…I'm learning how to edit video and hopefully will get my version of Girl from Impanema and My Funny Valentine up here!! LOL!!


{BRT – Brazos River Turnaround}

 Next, I just wanted to give a shout out to my dear friend Megan, whose daughter Morgan (5yo) is going in for surgery early tomorrow morning! She just has some extra schtuff inside her that they will get rid of laproscopically. But we would all covet your prayers!! Megan's 1yo son is staying with us for the next few days while they are at the hospital. It's gonna be sooo fun!! The kids already told me tonight, "you have a baby, mom!!" So I replied, "Yep, Riley, you're a Keller now!" To which he promptly said, "Pbbbbbtttttttttttttttttt!!" perfectly timed raspberry!!! LOL!!


Here's a fun pic of Morgan and Lillian at Morgan's birthday party several weeks ago!!

and for some eye candy to end today's post…

 I'm redecorating my kitchen, so I downloaded several pictures of kitchens i LOVE:

{all pics from the Country Living web site}

and here is another sneak peek for Thursday's freebie…


see you wednesday for some wisdom!!! 

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