Monday, Monday…(are you singing it yet?)


Ohhhhhh, this is exciting!! It's Monday…my favorite day of the week; well, most of the time. Today I have a bunch of fun things to share!

dictionary for today:

QP=quick page


First of all, if you are not signed up for my newsletter, sign up now (>>>right sidebar)!! I'll be sending out an issue today and it will have a link to another freebie QP (quick page! an easy scrap!!)! I have also started a little INSPIRATION tip in each newsletter!! So join today!! yipeee!!! 

{this can be yours FREE!!}


Now, here's a little sidenote for all of you non-digital scrapbookers…Most everyone knows what scrapbooking is: It's putting pictures on a page usually with journaling explaining the picture and adding extra "schtuff" to make the page aesthetically pleasing. Digital scrapbooking is creating those same layers using pictures of papers and elements ("Schtuff"). 

{paper LO}

{digital LO}  

When you buy paper scrapbooking supplies, you spend an amount of money, then you use that product, and it's gone and you have to go shopping again. 

{a stampin up kit for sale right now! love it!} 

With digital scrapbooking, you buy (or download a free trial for a month) a photo-editing program (your biggest investment, not including the computer – the software can be from 40$-1000$ depending on what you want to do and how much you want to spend!). And then you buy some digital scrapbooking supplies. These scrapbooking supplies are much cheaper than real paper, and you can use them OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!

{my 52 inspirations mini kit – now on sale in the Oscraps store!}  

The next expense you have, if you want, is to print out your pages. There are books written about this topic, so I won't go into details about it here. Suffice it to say, I love getting books printed when I have the time to upload and all of that. Right now, I am enjoying my online galleries!! :) 

{a screen shot of my Oscraps gallery!} 

Oscraps, the digital scrapbooking site that I promote on a weekly basis, is a fabulous place with a BLOG, a store, a gallery, and a forum where you can meet people, learn how to scrapbook digitally, and buy (or get free) digital scrapbooking supplies!! The designers there are wonderful and very generous. 

{my new collaboration with Sue Cummings in the store at Oscraps

I personally am aspiring to open a shop there in the Oscraps shop soon!! I have some little detail work to get through before my shop is open, but right now I do have two products in the shop!! This is soooo exciting for me! 

Enough teaching!! Now on to the good stuff!!!

This week's CheeryO Style Spotlight has us a bit TILTED!! Join us to win fabulous prizes this week!!!



Everything needs to be at an angle!! Here's my LO for the challenge:


Yep, I got to scrap this weekend!! *sigh* I've been missing it!! 🙂


Here's a fun crafting download site that I found in my blog-travels!! 

The guys that run this site are super friendly and have an incredible collection of images you can download and use for collages and art projects!!

Twisted Papers – Vintage Downloadable Images



Here's a totally different subject…

While I was in California on vacation, I had a habit of driving around and just sightseeing by myself. Last Friday, I drove into town to drop my sweetie teenager off at my friend's house and got a chance to just sightsee around my own hometown!! Here are some of my fun pictures! This is me working on my photog skills, too! :) 


When Mr Gorgeous and I first got married, we went and lived in a very small apartment in the museum district close to downtown Houston. We walked our dog around the corner in what is now a historical district. We love to look at these houses and remember…*sigh*







Here's our first apartment (below): 18 years ago we lived in 750 square feet…Our 110lb Akita barely had room to turn around and make his "bed" on the carpet!!    




 {our window} heehee

And our first apartment was close to the high school I graduated from…HSPVA (High School for the Performing and Visual Arts)…



Here's a place I've never been to before…and probably never will…just sayin'…


And I love these shots in the museum district and our favorite freeway…




Okay…enough about me!! LOL!! wait…this blog is about what I LOVE!!! LOL!! 

But I do want to share one particular blog that i {adore}!!

My sister has a friend who has 8 kids!!

{my sweet sister, tiff, and her friend, grace!} 

{grace, her dear husband and their gorgeous kids!}

 Yep, you heard me right!! 8 kids!! Three are biologically theirs, and then they have adopted 5 kids!! This mom is filled with encouragement, inspiration, and grace! So much grace, that her name actually is Grace! You will be filled with encouragement as you read her posts!! Soooo fun….and I was sooo privileged to set up her blog for her and create her header. She is just a delight to get to know; you will love reading this BLOG!! 


Now…on to what you have ALL been waiting for!!! Your POSH SPOTS winner!!!!!!! YAY!! 

Tina O'Flynn is our winner!!! yipeee!!! 

{click on her name to see her blog and fun creations!!}

  Tina, I'll be emailing October with your email address so she can send you your $25 GC!! You will love it!!! 

Thanks to everyone who commented!!! IF you didn't win, run over to October's site, Posh Spots, and order your fun custom jewelry!!

Thanks, everyone, for supporting Sally's Angelworks!!! 

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