Why {cyber} retreats are fun!!!

Ohhhhhh Myyyyy Gooodness!! I am sooo having a blast today!! (a clean house helps!! yipeee!!) Today I started my cyber retreat sponsored by Virginia over at Galloping Pony Studios…*sigh* i {heart} Virginia and her style!!

 So she gave us a list of fun stuff to do this weekend. I thought I was all organized coming into it, but my piles in The Studio have beckoned me today! So my first project I've finished is an embroidered cloth diaper with "Little Boy Blue" on it.



 I started this project 12 years ago right after (or maybe before, who knows????) Quentin was born! This is to be his quilt, although I may alter that since he's now 12 and probably would rather have a quilt made out of all of the NFL logos or all of his football jerseys…instead of nursery rhymes (Aunt Martha's Transfers!!) on cloth diapers!! bwahahahahahahah…The beauty of quilting is that someone down the road will love it, and I will adore it now!! 

I say I finished it, even though it's not a quilt yet. I have three other embroidered diapers already done and my beautiful mother has two more of these diapers that she is embroidering. It is my goal for these to be made into a wonderful quilt by the end of the year. But for today, my embroidered part is DONE!! yipeee!!


Now on to the next UFO…(UnFinished Object)…should I bind Lillian's quilt, pin baste Emma's quilt, do my 9-patch swap blocks, do Megan's inspiration board, create a little project in the style of Galloping Pony, draw a new logo, write the words to the new song I just wrote, cook dinner…


{lillian's first birthday quilt}

omgoodness…soooooo much to choose from!!!! 

off to play!! 🙂

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