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"However, each one of you [husbands] must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband." Ephesians 5:33

Are you ready for some really awesome wisdom? I took my darling daughter to a National Homeschool Honor Society meeting last week, and they had a wonderful financial speaker there…Bruce Ammons. What a great message he had for those kids. OHhh I wish someone would have talked to me like that when I was 15!! But the one thing that really stuck with me that night was when he said that Solomon was the RICHEST man in history…and what did he ask God for? Wisdom. Now, I already knew all of that, but to be reminded to go to God for our wisdom was powerful to me!! And God promises to give us more than we could even ask or think…a life abundant according to his wonderful will!

In marriage, we can have a life abundant, too. I know I'm living in a dream world right now. We joke about Mr Gorgeous being on that white horse…I know it's a lot of responsibility for him, but I also know he can handle it, because, no matter what (ie…even if he falls off the horse), I will still LOVE him. But more over, I will still RESPECT him!!

Here's what Dr. Eggerichs explains in the beginning of his book, Love and Respect. He talks about the "Crazy Cycle". This looks like this:


taken from Dr. Emerson Eggerichs' book, Love and Respect…to see videos of him explaining this more in depth, GO HERE to his web site, LOVE AND RESPECT.

So here's the deal…in layman's terms…when we as wives do not respect our husbands (blatently), he is not going to react in a loving manner! And when husbands don't love us (blatently), we for sure are not going to act in a respectful manner! 

But here's another point Dr. Eggerichs makes in his second chapter: Men and women have different colored glasses and hearing aids! we see and hear things differently! We are pink and they are blue…we all know that men are from mars and we are from venus…but this just puts it even in a better light for me. When I say something, MR Gorgeous is going to hear it via his blue hearing aid!! LOL!! So sometimes when I don't even mean to disrespect him, I may…all because he hears it that way. It also works for him. He may say something that, through my pink hearing aid, I hear as unloving. 


(pic from FLickr

So this is our task…to be more respectful and loving toward each other using the other person's "code" or language!! 

*whew* Just that knowledge alone can get me started!! Remember that I'm here for you (even though i'm in ca!! LOL!) if you need to talk or just comment. And we are walking this journey together. Only Jesus is perfect, so I will fail…mr gorgeous will fail *gasp* and we will make it through stronger!!

Happy Wednesday…be sure to come back tomorrow for a little giftie FREEBIE!!! yipeeeee!!!!  

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