the list…2010…40 things to do I want to do this year!

I was inspired by hula seventy to write a list of what I wanted to do this year, some goals to reach for!! I'm really excited about this list!! and I can't wait to post and update it all throughout the year! yipeee!!!

So here we go:

1. pray everyday

2. write 24 songs (2 a month)

3. scrapbook 365 layouts (doesn't have to be everyday!)
{SEE jan LOs HERE}

{see feb LOs HERE}

4. laugh until i cry with my family

5. clean out every room and redecorate!

6. start making some money

7. finish seven quilts

8. see the pacific ocean

9. redo the floors in the house

10. create an exploration book

11. lose 20 lbs

12. finish the Advanced Bible Course by e.w. kenyon

13. get published in several somerset publications, by submitting something every month

14. start a penny jar for my mustang

15. go bird watching

16. spend a day speaking only in spanish

17. wear more lipstick

18. teach my children music theory

19. buy a cool new pair of boots

20. make a font out of my own handwriting

21. take a wine tasting class

22. get cora enrolled in a college course or two

23. create something neat by drawing

24. learn to oil paint

25. set a bi-weekly treadmill date

26. record 3 new full CDs – 2 cello/pno, 1 BRT

27. do something cool and new with my hair

28. go kicker dancing with mr gorgeous

29. have a fun ladies' night in

30. get some camo

31. shoot a gun

32. write a country song

33. enter a song writing contest

34. read 4 classics

35. get a concealed weapons license

36. make tabouli from scratch

37. do a family service project every month

    jan-Birthday Bag ministry at CEPC


38. get contacts and cool reading glasses

39. start the teeth healing process

40. go to a classical music concert

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    wow …super list! Good luck with all that Sally!

  2. Reply

    You Go Girl ! I only wish I also had 48 hours in every day this year and no more need for sleep 😉

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    Sally this is fabulous!!! I am inspired! Must write mine and then scrap it for the book!! I think I will get Nick/AJ to give me a list too 🙂 That would be a fun memory! 🙂

  4. Reply

    LoVE this post Sally… I’m inspired to do my own like this… very fun. Quite a long list there… I hope you can do it all! Wishing you the best year!



  5. Reply

    Lovc your list Sally – I may have to come up with my own.

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    Wow … impressive list! It’s gonna be interesting to get updates from you throughout the year. Good luck Sally! Hugs, sue.falstaff

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    Did you make any list for 2011? Wondering how many of them you got done until now.

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