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{Walnut Creek, CA} 

ohhhh I have to share some fun things I've found lately that are contributing to a FABULOUS vacation for me!! As you know, I'm in CA where Mr Gorgeous is working during the week, and we will have Friday and Saturday to explore the area (so fun!). But during the week, it's just little ole me hanging out and exploring on my own…

Now for a Sanguine, this can be difficult! I am a people person…I love to share things with people I love to hang with (thus, the blog, right???), but this experience of shopping and hunting fun treasures has been glorious alone!! no one to tell me it's time to go, or that they want to go to this or that store…just me…kinda selfish, but freeing and soul cleansing for me once in a while (check out that link to the four temperaments – see sanguine). Poor Mr Gorgeous though – he gets my 75,000 words all piled up on him at once in the evening, but it's okay…He's dealt with it for 18 years; he can handle it this week!

Sooooo, here are some inspirational things I've found in my hunting the last two days:

A really fun antique mall in Pleasanton…

Olde Towne Antiques Mall

I was driving down the street and just happened to see the trailers with the ads on them:


(check out that convertible!! too bad it's been raining, but it's still fun to drive!!)

There was a cutie little girlie (granddaughter of one of the antique mall workers) who was working the front desk…I had to get a pic of her…i didn't get her name, but I'm waving hi to her here on the BLOG!!

California 1 006 

This is a wonderful Antique Mall that you need to check out if you are in the Pleasanton area…I LOVED it!!

California 1 007 

California 1 008 California 1 009
Wanna see some fun stuff I got there???



sooo fun!! can't wait for Valentines, huh???

The buttons I actually found at this very cool shop called Lacis
a textile store and museum in Berkeley. I also picked up some antique lace…yummmmmmmy!!!

 I am loving Berkeley…my kind of hippy town! 
Here are some shots of the corner where Lacis is located.


California 1 012

This huge storm came and knocked all of the power out before I got a chance to see inside this antique store…looks sooo wonderful, though…I may have to take Mr Gorgeous back there Friday! yipeeee!!

So I had to hit a couple of fun "known" stores…to get my design mojo going!! Here are a few things I picked up…


LOVE this…from Anthropologie… 


also from anthropologie…(look cora, i got the felted soap!!)


Leave it to me to find a scrapbook store with a guitar stamp!! a Local artist createdthat stamp. I love crafting…


and Martha Stewart has a sheep punch…*sigh*

{don't look, mom…you should be getting one of these soon!!}

All in all, I've had a wonderful INSPIRING time here…

While playing in the mornings online, I've found some awesome web inspiration, too. Check out these links:

UPPERCASE magazine


{every stinkin' thing on this blog is inspirational!} 

and check out this video…*sigh*

{I'm sooo inspired to use my little colored pencils from Anthro now!!}


White Boxfrom makoto yabukion Vimeo.

love that!! are you seriously inspired now???? I am!!

Before I go to sleep (I'm getting up tomorrow early to head on into Sausalito to meet a friend for brunch…how fun is that????), I want to share with you a FREEBIE!!! yay!!! I've been designing up a storm while on vacation (my kind of play), so I have a bunch of stuff just waiting for a store, or Revelry Thursday to come around! yipeeeee!!

Here is today's preview:



And stay tuned for more California inspiration!!

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