Mondays and scrapping…need some inspiration?

Well, I normally talk about what I'm loving about Mondays, but today, I'm having a real Thursday!! My BFF and I will call each other if we need to rant and vent and all, and it usually is Thursday when we do it! So we have since come to call "challenging days" Thursdays! Like today…slow computer, not enough school books to do school, messy children, and a tired body (still!! ugh)…yup…it's a Thursday! So now that I've semi-vented here (I can't stay cranky for long, can I??? this is me!!!), it's time to be positive!


Here's the first thing I like today (besides Mr Gorgeous!! *sigh*): This week's Member Spotlight over at OScraps!! Yay!! We are spotlighting one of my faves, Selena!! yay!!


Come over and lift one of Selena's LOs and show off your journaling MOJO in a block or circle form!! Here's mine to show how easy it is!! heeheee!!! gotta love my boy…


Just pop on by Selena's spotlight this week and post a LO, and be entered to win, win, win!!! yay!!!

Second, I am loving me some digiscrapping! So, here are some other LOs I've done lately…some for December's OScraps challenges. If you love digiscrapping and you love winning, come on over and participate in this month's challenges!! Your chances of winning are high!! yipeee!!! To see credits and/or leave some love, check out my Oscraps gallery ! Don't forget to click on the LOs to read the journaling…






Let me know which LO you love!!! 🙂 I love them all, but I guess I'm a bit biased!! LOL!!

and Third, here is what Mr Gorgeous and I have been enjoying each night on the DVD player!!

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