what i like about mondays…


ohhhh I am soooo happy it is Monday, today!! A fresh start, a new day, a new beginning!! I have a gob of stuff to share with you today!! I may have to save some for tomorrow!!!!

First of all, let's get down to business at my fave hangout, the O! Our weekly spotlight is up and running and is fun and quite the challenge…


(you can click to actually read the challenge)

or go here and DO THE CHALLENGE!!

Here's my LO to inspire you!!
(my mom and daughters always inspire me!!)


So go and play with us this week and be entered to win a GC for 5$, 10$, or 15$

Right now I'm in the midst of a laptop change. The good news is that we bought me a new Toshiba laptop (Satellite) yesterday! yipeeee!! the better news is that my old laptop, while it is on it's last leg, is not dead yet! (said in my best monty python voice!!)


 So I am taking a little time tomorrow to transfer some more stuff from my old laptop to our EHD (external hard drive) so that I can access everything from my NEW laptop!! That being said, I have a bunch of pics on my old one that I wanted to share with you today…alas, I'm going to hold it for Thursday!! yipeeee!! You will love it!! quilting/book review! awesome pics…it doesn't get better than this!!

So today, instead of transferring all of my laptop stuff, I took my BFF, Melanie to lunch for her 40th! Ohhh it was soo fun!! And now that she's joined my old club (teeheee), I welcome her with open arms!


Her kids (she has 5! yep…she's my hero!!) were loving taken care of by my darling Cora who had a blast with them today!! How fun is it to grow up together with dear friends??

Shout out to Mel…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, darling!! hope your day was as big of a blessing as you are to me!! love you!!

Here's a sweet pic of her kids taken by Studio R Photos! love this!! (and them..and megan at studio R!!!)


So be sure to check back Wednesday for a NEW feature here at Sally's Angelworks!! you'll love it!! food for the SOUL!! yummmmm!!

and thanks for supporting us! 🙂


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