Monday, Monday…i love you!


Good Afternoon on this wonderful NEW MOnday!!!! Don't you just love a FRESH start?? For me, the start of this week started waking up realizing that Mr Gorgeous is in California!! But you won't hear me complaining today!! I woke up right next to him! After an extremely bumpy plane trip that was an hour and 15 minutes late last night, we drove about an hour to our wonderful Hilton hotel and crashed (Hahahahah…pardon the pun)!!! This morning we woke up to a fun FREE breakfast and then hopped into our 2010 Mustang Convertible and dropped MR Gorgeous off at work. He's in a meeting, I'm playing on the computer, and life is GOOD!! So many options, so many play dates to fill…Time to get in that shower and get moving!!! 🙂

btw, for all who prayed for me and my "fear of flying", I had one of the most peaceful flights for me. I turned to MR Gorgeous who said that was probably up there as one of the top 5 bumpiest flights that he's had out here…and that's a lot of flights!! for me, it was very peaceful…I even took a nap!! wow!!!! Thanks, prayer warriors and thanks, God!!! 🙂

Before I leave you to go and play in the THIRD largest state in the UNITED STATES (second only to TEXAS in the lower 48!!!), let me let you know what is going on in the digi world at my favorite home online!!

Check out our weekly SPOTLIGHT!! WE are featuring one of my FAVORITE Nebraskan Librarians (I actually know several!! how fun is that????), SARA!!!


Here's a LO by Helen for the challenge…I am LOVING this picture!!


I hope to share my lift tomorrow!!! sooo fun!!!

OHhhh you need another challenge to keep you busy this week???? Why not try out my Gratitude Challenge this month??


If you post a LO, you will be entered into a random drawing for a wonderful 5$ coupon to a fun designer's store at the O!! Just create, post and link!!! yipeeee!!

and here's a new site I just joined that has such awesome photography stuff!!! Check them out!!!

Clickin' Moms


ohhhh I need to share some more blog eye candy, but for today, I need to get a-partying with Mr Gorgeous!!  

Have a WONDERFUL monday!! yipeeeeeee!!!




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