Sally’s 12 Days of Christmas – A GIFT for you (day 8)

Happy 21st of December!! Today is one of my fave days because it is my anniversary!! Mr Gorgeous and I have been married 18 years today. Ohhh I had a beautiful Christmas wedding. It was gorgeous…I just have to show off a little of it…(don't forget, you can click to see the LO bigger!!)





(to see the credits for these LOs, go to my Oscraps gallery!!)

Happy Anniversary, Mr Gorgeous!! :)   


 Here's a fun fact for ya…I made the papers for the first (Christmas Bride) and the last LOs (you + me = forever) here. Leave me a comment in this post and I'll send you a link for those papers tomorrow!!!

On to the fun Christmas gifties!! Today's giftie is a set of WA that is near and dear to my heart, too! This is one of my fave scriptures of ALL TIME!!! Isaiah was a prophet who made nearly 300 prophecies about the birth of Jesus. Our pastor told us on Sunday that if you take only EIGHT of those 300 prophecies, the odds of finding one person to fit all of those prophecies was 10 to the power of 17. Now what does that mean, he continues…That means if you laid silver dollars down side by side in the whole land area of the state of Texas, you'd cover the entire state of Texas two feet deep with silver dollars!! Then you mark just ONE of those silver dollars, threw it in that stack (omgoodness…are you following this???? crazy!!), mixed up the entire stack, then reached down and picked one up, the odds of finding the marked one would be 10 to the 17th power!!! (my little brain said…that's just 8 of those 300 prophecies!!) Boy, did God point the way to Jesus or what?? Anyway, after all of that math and stuff, I'm sure you are ready for the word art!

Here is a preview of day 8:


{now available in Sally's 12 days of Christmas kit}

enjoy and Merry Christmas!! 

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