Revelry Thursday


rev·el (rěv'əl)   
intr.v.   rev·eled also rev·elled, rev·el·ing also rev·el·ling, rev·els also rev·els

  1. To take great pleasure or delight: She reveled in her unaccustomed leisure.

  2. To engage in uproarious festivities; make merry.

n.  A boisterous festivity or celebration; merrymaking. Often used in the plural.

[Middle English revelen, to carouse, from Old French reveler, to rebel, carouse, from Latin rebellāre, to rebel; see rebel.]rev'el·er, rev'el·ler n.

Welcome to Revelry Thursday! I was looking for an appropriate name for what I will be doing each Thursday, and I came upon this term which, I believe, aptly describes the feeling one has when coming upon a new digital FREEBIE!!! 🙂

So join me here each Thursday, along with my regular Monday posts and let's make merry together!!

To start with today, I want to show off a little bit of eye candy from my Christmas…


yep…some red velvet cupcakes…my bff from australia hung out one night right before Christmas and we jabbered like we usually do when she's in town (that would be until ALL hours of the night!)! While solving the world's problems, i baked about 48 of these little suckers.

I learned a lot about red velvet, icing, decorating, and me during this process:

First and foremost, even though cupcakes are trendy, they have to be served alone to get the attention they deserve.

Second, you need a professional cupcake decorating degree to make the icing look really great! (i said, look…as far as taste, this icing was the perfect consistency and tasted better than any icing I've had in the recent year!!)

Third, Target is absolutely the best place to get fun cupcake holders!! *sigh*

here's a close-up:


I'm gonna scrap this pics (below) along with others I took with the title:



Did you feel that way too? What did we do before Target? Probably saved A LOT of money!! 🙂

Then there is writing the letter to Santa about what you want! here is a pic that Emma (10) took of Cora and Lil writing their wish list to Santa!!


then there was the gingerbread house that Cora and her bffs made on the 22nd of Dec. You can tell in these pics what I thought was important!



and then Christmas morning: here is the letter that Emma had written the night before and then Santa wrote back to her!!   I love the sentiment that she leaves that she didn't want to get Rudolph sick with our last rotten apple! *sigh*


(Click to see that letter bigger…and the crumbs…Santa loves him some chocolate chip cookies!!)

and now, for our real frivolity/revelry!! a FREEBIE!!!

I have created some word art for you. It comes in 8 pieces…the words separate from the scriptures and with them!! These are so encouraging to me! My mother's church has these four words up on the walls in large gorgeous tapestries! I was really wonderfully overwhelmed by the words themselves. Enjoy!!



Ohhh, I can't wait to hear from you again! I've been missing our everyday repoire!! Have a wonderful New Years!!! 

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