ohhhh we have a winner!!

I'm sooo happy to announce the winner for my BLOG contest I did last week!!


I loved all of the suggestions!! (especially silly sally!!!) but the big win goes to Yvon!! I loved her idea of a graphic with the word DON'T scratched out! So I created one and I'll use it every Monday!! 🙂 thanks, Yvon!! I'll get you your GC to OScraps just in time for you to use it during this wonderful SALE week!! yay!! 🙂

Speaking of sales and challenges and chats, have you checked out our DSD forum at the O??? It's the place to keep you updated with cool happenings this week as we celebrate Digital Scrapbooking Day, which is Saturday!! Leave it to us party animals to celebrate a day ALL week long, huh???

So even though we are celebrating DSD this week, I'm going to leave you with a sneak peak of some fun quilting I'm doing right now!! 🙂 Stay tuned for an awesome picture tour of this fun mini quilt I am loving!! 🙂


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