it’s the weekend!! yay!!

I've found that I tend to type the word "yay!" a lot!! This is me…excited about life, excited about the little things…so I want to share that with everyone around me!! Thus, all of the YAYs and the exclamation points!!!!!!!

So what did you do this weekend? I went slow this weekend so far…(I still have Sunday to speed up a bit!). I haven't been on the computer except at night, which for me is a little different!! But this weekend, I got to hang with one of my dear friend's children. My dear friend, Megan, has her own photography business,Meganssite and as it grows, she is learning all she can about photography. To do this, she assists a local photographer with her sessions. This weekend, Megan needed to spend it away from her kids and hubby to work. Her hubby has a great job with the railroad (you know it's great, Megan!! LOL!!) but his schedule is sometimes up in the air.

So, Mr Gorgeous and I said we would be glad to have their kids spend the weekend with us!! BTW, her kids are 1 and 4…let's recap…my kids are 15, 12, almost 10, and 7…plus a 4yo and a 1yo!! Needless to say, I'm tired!! But it was really relaxing to just walk away from the computer and just sit upstairs in our gated-off playroom/mediaroom and watch the wee ones play and play. It was uplifting to watch my darling son pseudo-babysit since R was sleeping in his room…My only begotten son was very conscientious about what R could touch, where he could go, and whether or not he (my son) would change a poopy diaper (uh…that would be a NEGATIVE!!!). It was sooo wonderful to watch Mr Gorgeous with this fun, sweetheart of a boy. R would go running to Mr Gorgeous!! (He is irresistable, you know!! yup…they both are!) And everytime I sat down on that comfy chair holding that baby boy with a bottle, I got that hankerin'…luckily for my sleeping schedule, stick a fork in us…we are done!!

Otherwise, not much but some crafting tomorrow!! That'll be a fun Sunday afternoon…just a lazy day in the craft room! yay!!! I've got some fun pics to share with you from my adventure in stamping this week at Bev's Stamp Club…I'm gonna save them for Monday's crazy post!! that'll be fun for you! But here's another fun picture for you from Quentin's birthday party…at the park – these girlies are inseparable…and stayed in the wagon most of the entire party! enjoy!! See you here Monday!!


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