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PB116899Sally’s Angelworks has always been my business which encompasses all of the crafting that I dabble in! As I move through a lot of different crafting times in my life, I frequently return to embroidery, quilting, and of course, art journaling. Fabric and paper are my weaknesses. I can walk into a Joann’s Fabrics and just start salivating like crazy…especially now that they’ve expanded their scrapbooking sections. PC164465 I still have a heart for the mom and pop quilt store. Especially with all of the new designs coming out, I am just in heaven looking around – true EYE candy!!

In June 2010, I opened my Etsy store of handmade quilty items. The mission of Sally’s Angelworks is to inspire hope through these handmade items. Sometimes hope can be inspired through the practical: camera strap covers, iPod/iPad covers, tote bags. Hope can definitely be inspired through art/quotes. This is where my mini quilt art comes into play. To create inspiring fabric art is a long-time passion of mine, and what a privilege it is to fulfill this dream! 

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