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{all photography by Kristen Pack with Capture your Bliss unless noted!}

I am a 46 year old homeschooling mom of 4 who lives OUT LOUD!!! I adore music – singing especially, scrapbooking, anything artistic, reading, and a couple of crazy reality tv shows, and I especially adore my husband, Mr Gorgeous!!! I also lead worship at my church, Brighton Church, where Mr Gorgeous is the music director. He and I also have a band called Brazos River Turnaround! check out our blog for our next performance date.

Check this out…Mr Gorgeous and I have teamed up with our dear friends and pastors, Mark and Pat McClimens, and created a fun company called Hearthstone Media!!! Hearthstone Media has produced two CDs of poetry with cello and piano background music; You will love these CDs!!

About my family, I have four beautiful children, Cora (21), Quentin (17), Emma (15), and Lillian (13).



{picture by Sarah McKenzie Photography}

Cora is 21 and loves to live out loud, too!! She just recently got married to her first love, Nathan! She is into writing, singing, college, music (via Spotify! teehee!!), and serving our marvelous God in a bunch of different ways! She has her own blog and a tumblr…very exciting!


Quentin is my only begotten son! He is 17 and LOVES music, the Lord, Youth and Government, and football. He also is a fabulous recording musician who leads worship in his youth group at our church!! and boy, does he have a heart for his momma. 🙂


Emma is my sweet, sweet 15 year old! She is an avid learner, an excellent musician (piano, electric bass, and most recently, upright bass!!), an artist, and your next best friend! She recently has really gotten into leading worship with her brother in their youth group!!


My Lillian is 13 years old going on 33! She has an incredible miraculous birth story (read all about it here!!! )  She is a singer, a speller, and is doing very well in Math!! 🙂 She has an affinity for princesses, Harry Potter, Phineas and Ferb, and her imaginary land!! 🙂


Mr Gorgeous and I have been married for almost 24 years…this man is THE MAN!!! he does laundry and scrubs the house!!! (okay…he really does that, but he also is a Solutions Architect for his IT company…we like to eat!! 🙂 ) All I can say is, I LOVE this man!! 🙂 and yes, I do cook him dinner, iron his shirts, fold his laundry, and make his bed on a daily basis. Well, most days, anyway!!

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