Sally’s Monday Madness

Okay…I'm wanting to start a little fun weekly spotlight here, so I'm going to temporarily name it Sally's Monday Madness until someone gives me a better name!! As a matter of fact, let's make a contest out of it!! Suggest a name for my weekly posts on Monday which will feature challenges that i participate in (namely Designer Spotlights at Oscraps and other fun challenges!) and will possibly feature what crafts I did over the weekend, too!!

So let me hear from you. Post your name suggestion in the comments in this post before Sunday night, November 1st!!! I will choose my fave name and the one who posted it will receive…

{drum roll}

a 5$ GC to Oscraps!!! YAY!!!!! And even if you are on the team at the O, please join in. There are things you don't get for free that you can use this GC for, so do not hesitate to play!!

Okay…Sooooo on to some fun spotlighting this week!!! At Oscraps this week, Sue Cummings is in the spotlight this WEEK!!!! yay!

Check out what she is giving away for FREE!!!


OHh I am a SUE ADDICT!!! I have loved everything Sue has ever made!! She came to Oscraps around the same time i did, and when I saw her awesome word art, I was hopelessly addicted!! Go to her store and pick this mini kit up for free, participate in her Everyday challenge, and get her Each and Everyday kit at a major discount!! Stay tuned to see some more projects that I have done using Sue's fun designs!!

…and here is my LO for her Spotlight challenge:


all designs by Sue Cummings; photo by Megan at; photo action by mulletgod

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  1. Reply

    what about
    the week opener?

  2. Reply

    or better:

    Sally’s week opener

  3. Reply

    Oke, it should be a little ‘header’ that you can put in the title..
    You should create the words:
    Tell me why I don’t like monday!!

    But than just scratch te don’t away 😀

    That’s my idea 8)

    Good luck!!
    Hugs, Yvon

  4. Reply

    Oke, I mean: Scratch
    Like you put stripes through the word don’t.

    hm.. Is my explanation clear? lol

  5. Reply

    How about the song lyrics “It’s Just Another Manic Monday”?

  6. Reply

    Hello Sally …
    Here are some ideas for you .. but I don’t know if they are « english correct » because I’m french 
    1 : Le Lundi de Sally (in french …. Means the « monday » of sally)
    2 : Sally’s starting your week
    3 : Sally’s monday .. is the day
    4 : Monday challenge your day
    5 : The MSC (monday Sally Challenge)
    6 : the Silly Sally Day
    7 : … No more Ideas … sorry …

  7. Reply

    What about Monday Musings? I’ll do some more thinking on this…I actually like Sally’s Monday Madness :).

  8. Reply

    In the mood with Sally

  9. Reply

    New Beginnings with Sally

  10. Reply

    Monday is scrap

  11. Reply

    Sunny Sally Monday
    The Sally monday show

    Come back later if I get new ideas…

  12. Reply

    I think Sally’s Monday Madness is a great name 😉

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