It’s time to be grateful!!!!

Ohhhhhhh I'm sooo excited to start my Gratitude Challenge today!!!


Here's what we are doing…We are saying what we are grateful for EVERYDAY!!! You can post in my gratitude forum at, you can post on your blog, or you can just comment here on my BLOG to let me know you are in it with me!!

Let's talk about why we want to be grateful!! It's a heart thing…ever get up in the morning just not ready for the world at all???? Right there, that is your opportunity to change your thinking…What are you thankful for??? Think of at least four things you are soooooo grateful for right there, then get out of bed. You will notice a spring in your step, a smile on your face!

***Now, wanna take it another level? I will be giving you a quote on thankfulness/gratefulness everyday here. Take that quote and create an art journal page with me!! You can do it digitally or with real paper!! 🙂 I hope to be posting my pages everyday…I plan on doing most of mine with real paper, but we'll see how time allows!!! My object is to create something that says how grateful I am everyday!! 🙂

I can't wait to see what you are grateful for…join me today!!! 🙂

*all digital designs used for my gratitude ads from Createwings designs and Catherine Designs collab called Creation 23, available at!!

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    Sally my 4 things to be grateful for.
    1: My dad had 5 by passes in July 2008, he’s still with us!
    2: In these wretched economic times, my hubs has a good job, we have a roof over our heads, food on our table and clothes on our backs.
    3: My beautiful grandson, Zack who EVERYDAY gives me reason to be around for the next 30 or 40 years.
    4: My mom, my daughters, my hubs and the rest of my clan.

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    This is wonderful, Sally! I can’t wait to join in. If we post our gratitude’s on our blog, are we allowed to use the graphic that you made w/ each days quote? I want to make sure before I put my gratitude’s on my blog! Thanks sweetie!!!! 🙂

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