5 TAX-FREE reasons to… {trendy tuesday} on tax day!! :)

5 Tax-FREE reasons to become a Stampin' Up Demonstrator right now!! yay!!!

I am looking to expand my group right now, so I thought I would take today to share with you 5 reasons you cannot pass up this opportunity to become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator!! Remember, you don't have to live down the street to join my group; with the internet as wonderful as it is, (and of course, the telephone! yes, i have a working cell phone after losing mine for three weeks!! *sigh*) You can live in Idaho and I'll sponsor you right to success!! 🙂 So, without further ado, here are my 5 TAX-FREE reasons to become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator right now!! 🙂

1. MONEY!!! Well, the best reason…your tax is basically FREE and so is your shipping!! Now, don't think this is false advertising! Basically, as an SU! demonstrator, you receive 20% off of everything you and your customers order. So that 20% can be instantly awarded to you. Since shipping is 10%, and where I live, my tax is 6.25%, I get those for free on my orders!! Plus a little more!! And with my wonderful customers, I can afford, with my 20% instant income, a fun stamp set like this one I just got:


Crazy for Cupcakes…sooooo cute!! 🙂 I can't wait to stamp away with this set!! Sign up for my weekly newsletter to get updates to this blog so you don't miss the fun projects I do with this set!! 🙂

2. Rebates!!!! Okay in this economy, (cora's fave phrase right now) we all LOVE rebates; we love coupons; we love saving, saving, saving! Right now, when you sign up and get going with your FAB business, you can earn 2% of everything you've sold or bought almost right away!! omgosh!! What if your neighbor wants to have a party and buys everything in the WHOLE catalog??? (HINT: if she did, you'd make more than just your 2% rebate…it'd go up a bit!!! 🙂 ) Even if you are just joining to get a disount, you will still earn a rebate with a minumum sales amount! (e-mail me for exact figures!! I have a fun brochure with more details! yay!!) And of course, with that rebate, you could get these really fun flowers for FREE!!! and more, of course!!

Fun flowers 

3. Ohhhhhh can you say…pay in THREE EASY PAYMENTS? Until April 30th, you can make 3 easy payments to sign up right now!! So in April, you pay 66$ and change instead of the full $199 that the starting kit costs (total bargain at that!!). Then in May and June, your CC is charged 66$ and change also. How cool is that!!! Once again, SU! is looking out for your spending!! And here's the cool thing!! If you already have the cool sets that come in the starter kit, you can substitute with other sets you adore…like this one:


Just Jawin'! 🙂 (remember, i got this circle cutter for free!! 🙂 )

4. Stampin' Up! Web Site Demonstrator Access!! Once you become a demonstrator, you get complete access to all of the tools that the successful Stampin' Up! demos use to build their business! Not only does the SU! web site have many tools to help you, there are inspirational stamper ideas, workshop templates, insider tips, and ohhhh that order button!! I love that one!! (here's a sneak peek at the demo web site!! 🙂 )


and last but not least…

5. PARTYING!!!! Ohhh you can have parties, soirees, workshops, or just open houses, like this one that everyone is invited to at my home this Saturday!!!


How can you say no to this??? You know you love to stamp…like me, you are probably addicted! So to pay for my addiction, I demonstrate how to stamp. And I get my stamps for free! yay!!! There is no better time to join the SU! family…my family…than right now!!

If you are in the Houston area and want to see close up what I'm talking about, e-mail me for directions to my own "Girls Night Out" open house this saturday night! I'd love to show you more reasons to join this awesome family!! 🙂

Even if you are not interested at this time in becoming a demonstrator now, but you LOVE the products, come on over and PLAY, PLAY, PLAY with me Sat night!! And if you are NOT in the Houston area, sign up (top right —————–>) for my weekly newsletter!! 🙂 you can play vicariously with us here!! 🙂

******lastly, I wanted to give KUDOS out to Bev, a fun girlie on my team, who has a new FAB BLOG!! I'm gonna tell you a secret!! Check out her Bella Rose Gift Bag, then come on over on Saturday and make one for yourself!! yay!!!!!*********

Thanks for joining me for my trendy tuesday *special tax-FREE version*! Be sure and sign up for my weekly newsletter to get more information. Also, if you are interested in becoming a demonstrator, now is your time! E-mail me at sallykeller814 AT gmail DOT com!! 🙂 yay!!!!

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