lovin’ happy!

sooooo I'm on a streak to do several things this month. First of all, I want to only set goals a month at a time, so I can really focus and not get all freaked out about the impossiblity of life…so here are two main goals I have this month…

1. lose weight…that's it…just lose weight!

so far so good; last week I lost 6 lbs according to my scale! I plan on sticking with my eating…smaller portions, very little chocolate, very few sodas…and I'm adding in exercise this week! woohooooo!! and more water. I didn't want to do more water, but I'm in the middle of a challenge at the O…and I can get points for my team if I do what I'm supposed to! It's a very clever way to get me off my bohiney and lose weight!! yay!!

2. to do a LO a day…

so far, I've been doing at least one if not two a day. To reach this goal, I've been going with Sue's Happy Thoughts subscription that she uploads daily and I scam it and scrap away. I almost didn't get yesterday's done, but I decided I wasn't gonna quit just cause it was midnight! LOL!! so I scrapped it! I love today's as well…here are the last two days' Happy Thoughts…


and today's…


So far so good, huh? I wonder if everyone is going to get sick of seeing the two of us on every LO…I need to get crackalackin on my VAlentine's book, too, that I started last year. It would be so great to have a couple of new books to look at on our coffee table!! heehee…

did i mention i was a bit addicted to digiscrapping? yikes!!!

Next month we are adding another goal…and btw, I have been blogging everyday…i think i missed one day, but who's really counting, right?

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    no, there is no such thing as getting sick of seeing people who love eachother!! I fo one love the way your hubby is leaning into you and smiling is the first lo!!! ahahaha.
    love these sally, keep them coming, they are an inspiration!!

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    me again….got tagged, your it!!!
    Sally, I have tagged you!
    1 – Link back to the blog that tagged you
    2 – Make a list of 6 (un)interesting things about yourself
    3 – Tag five other blogs, and let them know by leaving them a comment

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