Living in the Happy Zone…

My house is getting cleaner and cleaner every day!! Today I cleaned my room, put away my "wrapping table", picked up all of the piles of everything lyin' around …yup…it's clean!! ohhhh sooo satifying to go to sleep in a clean room. And get this…that's not all. The two older girlies emptied the pantry floor (which had become chaos itself) and Mr Gorgeous and I cleaned it all out! He mopped and wiped down everything from the floor and I organized and cleaned all of the shelves. Ohhhhh…THEN…I went grocery shopping!yup…with TWO children who were a bit cranky from staying up all night last night! 🙂 It was soo nice to be able to put all of the food away in a clean pantry! *sigh*

We also watched the Cardinals win…that's awesome!! and the Titans lost! I was excited…not really a Titans fan…or the Ravens for that matter. So now I'm hoping the Steelers beat the Ravens! Yay!! I can't decide tho between the Giants, Cardinals, or the Eagles. *sigh* I'll have to pick someone to root for! I'll tell you at half time tomorrow…heehee!!

Here's today's Happy Thought LO…


my FAVE pic of the two of us!! from cali

and I have to show off this fun LO…


I did this LO using Aymee's Sketch for the Sketch Hour over at the Cuttlebug challenge blog here:

everything from OScraps January collab, HOPES and DREAMS Smile

Well, i'm off to get some happy sleep!!!

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