I’m doing!! yay!!

Okay…this may sound goofy, but it has been sooo wonderful this weekend to actually work! I mean around the house, on school stuff, etc…I mean, it is just wonderful to be able to have the energy to get those mundane maintenance tasks done. Whew!!

So tonight I get to play! I've done my work…now I can play. And the best is tomorrow morning when my kids wake up, they can get their assignment sheets and see what to do BEFORE I wake up!!! woohooooo!!! I hate the work, but it feels soooo good after it's done!! 🙂

Okay…NOW…let's talk football. Are you guys totally surprised or what??? I love Eli Manning, but the Eagles are my boys! They got me into our Fantasy league's Superbowl…course they lost it for me, too! LOL!! oh well, I still feel loyal…And how about the demise of the Chargers? ohhh so sad…too bad!! LOL!! Yep, some of us are Steeler fans! We're getting closer to a Pennsylvania Superbowl. Wouldn't that be totally cool??? Well, I wouldn't feel bad if Kurt be my Donovan, so if it was Cardinals against the Steelers, I'd be happy. Just as long as it's not the Ravens. Don't get me wrong…Ray Lewis??? the best linebacker in football? yeah…I like him, and their new coach…he apparently has done wonders for that team. I still can't stand them tho! so sad!! LOL!!

So tell me who you want in the Superbowl! We are all opinionated here!! let me know just how opinionated you are!! 🙂

So Nichole tagged me!! heehee…I don't think I've been tagged in a while!!

here's what she said…

1 – Link back to the blog that tagged you
2 – Make a list of 6 (un)interesting things about yourself
3 – Tag five other blogs, and let them know by leaving them a comment

So here are my 6 uninteresting things about me>

1. I have red hair.

2. I love football.

3. I can play cello at a professional level.

4. December marked the third time I've been to Europe in my life.

5. I am learning Spanish using Rosetta Stone.

6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my husband with a passion.

yup…that's me…and you all probably already know all that about me! heehee

So I tagged 5 of my bloggin' friends…

1. Cat

2. Dumpty

3. Kaylea

4. Chris

and 5. Maya


So now that you've trudged through all of my writing, here's my Happy Thought LO for the day.


I'm really hoping I have 31 pics of the two of us from 2008. I keep thinking of new ones! It's exciting!!

Well, my football friends, I'm off to finish cooking dinner!! yay!!

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