happy exercise!!!

I'm guessing you didn't expect that, now did you??? I had a wonderful day of exercise today. I actually sucked it up and started using our Bowflex today! I did the beginner workout and felt great when I was done!! yay!! So I got my bike out, and after airing up the tires (I didn't know I could do that!!), I rode around the block. Boy, it was tough. I haven't done that in a while and i was worn out immediately. My heart was above my target heart rate, so I slowed down a little. But I needed to keep moving cause it was 48degrees out there!! So I learned that I need to get off of my booty a LOT more!! that's FOR SURE!!! Tomorrow is a WiiFit day, so I'm excited to have a routine. And I'm excited to have friends and accountability partners.

 I also ate really well today…grilled asparagus (YUM!!), turkey, and a little dollup of mac and cheese (the good stuff from the cafe at HEB!) Yum!!! So I splurged just a little with a piece (very small) of Black Forest Cherry Cheesecake. I may have to not have any chocolate tomorrow, but it was worth it. I had friends over, so I was celebrating our reunion (after a year!!).

Life is great, and I just want for it to get even better!! I can make it happen! We have control of how we think and act and believe. We have control of our emotions (most of the time), our attitude, our reactions to situations! So I am choosing to enjoy life!! just like my resolution says!! Live, love, and laugh more this year!! here i go…

and today's happy thought!


that picture says it all!!! 🙂

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