Happy day!!!

Ohhh i took the ornaments and everything down today! I got depressed!!! THEN I went to Sue Cumming's Friends Forum and GOT HAPPY again!!! you gotta join her Happy Thoughts subscription! you get something everyday for a month for only 5$!! OMGOsh…how can you beat that…

So I did do my LO tonight, but my EHD is disconnected from my (really Cora's) laptop, so I'll upload two tomorrow. but I am blogging everyday!

I'm sooooo happy to have a wonderful, beautiful, healthy family! and tomorrow I'm having a quartet annual reunion. We get together at least once a year to play music and enjoy each other's company…it's Tapestry, my guitar, violin, flute and cello quartet. Should be fun!! I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow!!

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