I love life!!! <3

  Isn't life fun??? I've been pondering a GOB of little things lately. I tend to seek out big truths so that I can share them on Sunday morning at the beginning of our church service. Unfortunately, I forget to write them down, so Sunday morning I get up on stage and all i can think about is two things, usually…1. football and 2. How great our GOD is!! Iguess that is always a great way to start a service off, huh?

All of that to say that I'm learning and growing eveyday, little by little!

Day 19: I was grateful for Mondays!! Just ask my darling friend, Chris! I always say, MONDAYS are a wonderful way to start anew! We are given a fresh perspective and a wonderful clean slate! Love that!! And this Monday, we celebrated my niece's birthday and my daughter's birthday (who turns 9 tomorrow!!). I was really blessed to have picked out FAB presents for my niece that she loved!! I even picked the exact gift card she had commented on the day before, without me knowing it!! yay!! love that!!

Here's a pic of her screaming for one of her gifts. She got the Twilight calendar she loved! Look at Lillian's face! heehee:


Day 20: I was soooooo thankful for THE FARM!! And the beautiful day God gave us to enjoy the farm!! it was FABULOUSO!!!! Altho, Emma did have a hard day, she conquered and ended up enjoying herself!! Here's a LO I did about her day!


ohhh I'm thankful we enjoyed ourselves!! I'm also thankful that I was there with all of my dearest friends, including my sister-in-law! I have so been enjoying spending time with her and her sweetie girlies!! AND after not finding any pics of my friends for my BLOG, I took them there (well, cora and quentin did! LOL!!) I'll post those soon!!

Day 21 (today): today I was thankful for my darling son's sweet thankfulness. I had promised him if they won the first playoff game, I would buy him cleats! So they won, and off to Academy we went! I will have to take pics of him in them…and of course, scrap the fact that they are soccer cleats, not football cleats…I soooo gave him a hard time about them! so much so that he didn't think I was going to get them for him. And he proceeded to thank me profusely for them!! I love that sweet little grateful heart!!


Here's an old LO that I did of me and Q…lovin' Quentin!!

and I'm thankful for all of my sweet friends!!! Thanks for being there for me!!!!

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